How to Create Your Own Custom Maps from Google Drive

by Denise Hazime on July 9, 2015

Pulling together maps for events, conferences and more just got a lot easier with a new feature for Google Drive. Google My Maps is now accessible from Google Drive, which lets you create easily shareable maps using multiple data sources, including customer relationship management (CRM) data that can help drive sales and marketing efforts.

How Can I Use This to Support my Business?

This new feature has many potential uses – planning business travel and meetings, mapping out routes for drivers and help with daily fleet scheduling and logistics. Daily scheduling can now include maps at the click of a button. It also allows you to import CRM data from CRM tools like Zoho, so you can see how many customers are clustered together in a specific area. This can help your business map out sales territories and sales rep visits, inform micro-targeted local marketing, and much more.  

Creating Your First Custom Map

To create a new map, open Google Drive and click New→More→Google My Maps.

You can then use various tools to add places to your map, including an import tool which allows you to import addresses from a CSV file.

This means that if you have a number of locations on your map, such as locations for delivery drivers, they can all be populated on the map and shared with other users, saving drivers valuable lookup time during their busy day.

Markers allow you to add various places, and you can even upload photos to go with the markers to show your users what they are looking for. You can also add directions to each marker on your map.

Share and Allow Others to Edit

Once you’ve created your new map, you can share it with other users, such as event attendees, co-workers and anyone else by simply typing in their emails. You can also choose to give people you share your map with editing privileges, or just make it view only. If you want to share it with a number of users, you can share a link to your map. You also have the option of sharing your map on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Currently, the custom Google Maps that you create and share with Drive are only available online, so your users must have an Internet connection to access them.   For more on how to use this new feature, visit Google’s support website.

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