There is a wide variety of audio and video conferencing tools vying for the attention of businesses around the world. Each boasts their own unique features and benefits, but Google Hangouts is the most versatile conferencing tool on the market - and it is included for free with your G Suite business account. Getting your clients to use Google Hangouts can be a challenge because of the amount of competition and options available, but clearly communicating the benefits of Hangouts to them can easily change their online conferencing habits.

Effortlessly Dial Clients Into Your Calls

The best way to communicate the benefits and selling points of any product is to use it and experience it in real time - with Google Hangouts, this has never been easier. Your clients can be dialed directly into Hangouts by you through their phones or computer - immediately bringing them into an audio conversation or a video meeting. While clients can be invited to Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat through email or Google Calendar, getting them to participate by calling them increases the likelihood of them using the app, and engages them directly with everything Hangouts has to offer.

Reliable, High-Quality Audio and Video Connection

Once your clients have been dialed into a Hangout or Google Meet session, they’ll immediately start to see how the tool differentiates itself from other conferencing applications. Users with a reliable internet connection will see a huge improvement in the quality of their video calls, and greatly improved audio quality that will ensure dropped audio and video will become a thing of the past.

Increased Security No Matter Where You Are

Businesses of every size should be concerned about their data being infiltrated by outside sources looking to hold sensitive information hostage - this is a major selling point for Google Hangouts. One of the best features of Hangouts comes in the form of its superior security - every video and audio stream hosted through Hangouts is encrypted, meaning your conversations are safe from the threat of the theft of sensitive business information. Offsite employees can also join calls securely from a computer or smartphone, making Hangouts a versatile and safe tool for conferencing on the go.

Collaborate and Share Your Screen Directly

A major unique feature of Google Hangouts is the ability to share your screen with everybody on your call - this allows users to present projects on-the-go through G Suite apps like Slides, get feedback from team members, and even lets you collaborate on projects in real time with clients and team members on the call. Using this feature whenever possible with your clients will directly demonstrate the practicality and versatility of using Hangouts for conferencing.

Do a Mini Training Session

Before hosting all of your client conferences on G Suite, do a test run with the main stakeholders at your client’s company. That way they know how easy it is to use and won’t be intimidated when it is time for their first “real” Google Hangouts meeting.

Fully Integrated with G Suite

The final way to persuade your clients to use Google Hangouts for their regular conferencing needs is to show them the versatility that comes with the application being fully integrated with G Suite. Video and audio meetings can be joined from anywhere through a variety of Google Apps, screens can be shared directly and project demonstrated or collaborated on in real time, clients can be dialed in from anywhere at any time. Hangouts video conferencing allows businesses to break down barriers by hosting face-to-face meetings with clients and team members from anywhere, and Hangouts Chat allows employees and clients to effortlessly communicate through text from anywhere. The power of G Suite Enterprise combined with Google Hangouts and a reliable, secure internet connection has the ability to transform workplaces of any size. The best way to demonstrate the usefulness of Hangouts to your clients is to get them into a session and demonstrate the superior quality, security, and unique features offered to all users - your workplace communications will never be the same again. For more information contact us today!