Regardless of how much experience one has with e-mail, there’s always that lingering fear of accidentally selecting “Reply All.” And often it surprises us when Reply-All is actually used on purpose. But accident or not, maybe the reply-alls in your inbox have done their duty, and it’s time for you to excuse yourself from them.

Fortunately, Gmail provides a way to do so subtly, instead of having to reply to the reply all in a request to be excused--the equivalent of trying to west-side story snap out of the office (and which often sends another email to everyone).

It’s simpler than it looks, and you’ll be free from the barrage of responses before you know it. Open the thread you want to be removed from--I know, you’re tired of looking at it, but trust me on this one. Select the tab at the top with three dots, also known as the “more” tab.

From that drop-down menu, select Mute. Voila! Messages in that thread will now be archived unless they are emailed to you and no one else. No more having a hundred emails about the company potluck cluttering up your inbox! 


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