Several situations can result in a G Suite account being disabled. Google will suspend user accounts for breaching the Google Terms of Service or because their account may be at risk. G Suite admins also can suspend users who may have violated company privacy policies or whose accounts may have been compromised through phishing scams or other means. 

Thankfully, restoring a suspended G Suite account is easy in most situations. Others are more complicated, especially when the G Suite admin account has been disabled. Here’s what you need to know about how to restore a suspended G Suite account.

Why are G Suite accounts suspended?

There are three situations where a G Suite account may be suspended or disabled. The first is manual suspension by an admin, usually done when a company account has been compromised or during the offboarding process. The second situation is automatic suspensions for things like unverified sign-ins, suspicious user activity such as spamming or phishing, and suspension for not following the Google Terms of Service. The third situation is when a G Suite account has been disabled for failed payments, free trial expiry, or lapsed contracts and domain registration.

Restoring an admin suspended G Suite account

If an account has been suspended by an admin, it can be quickly restored from within the Google Admin console. Admins simply have to navigate to the “Users” option in the home page of the Admin console, filter users by the suspended user status, identify which user in question is to be restored, select “More > Reactivate” and the account will be back in action. Users can also be restored in bulk by admins via CSV files or using the Admin SDK APIs.

Restoring an automatically suspended G Suite account

If the G Suite account has been disabled automatically, it’s usually because the account has been detected engaging in suspicious activities like spamming and phishing, an unverified login has been made, or the Terms of Service have been breached. Unverified sign-ins can be restored by a G Suite admin, and at-risk user accounts can be recovered by the user, who will be prompted to enter a verification code sent to their mobile device, or clearing a CAPTCHA. Unfortunately, accounts suspended for breaching the Terms of Service are unrecoverable, and cannot be reactivated or restored by the user, a G Suite admin, or by Google Cloud Support.

Restoring a disabled G Suite admin account

Other situations are more complicated, especially when a G Suite admin account has been suspended. This usually occurs after failed payments and lapsed annual contracts, but can also occur if the account has been purchased from a Google reseller, and in situations where an account has been transferred in a business acquisition.

If the account has simply been suspended due to failed payment or lapsed contracts, these can be quickly remedied by updating payment methods, restoring an Annual Plan contract, or by renewing an expired domain registration.

If these fixes don’t do the trick and you find that you’re still locked out of your account (or you aren’t the original owner of the account), it’s highly recommended that you contact the Google reseller you’ve purchased G Suite from, or by contacting a Google Cloud Partner like UpCurve Cloud.

Our team of G Suite experts have the skills needed to quickly restore and recover disabled G Suite accounts, minimizing costly downtime and getting you up and running in no time so that you can focus on what matters most to your business. To find out more about how the team at UpCurve Cloud can seamlessly implement and integrate cloud-based solutions like G Suite into your workplace, contact us today.

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