How to Set Up Gmail as Your Default Email Handler

by Denise Hazime on May 21, 2015

You’ve started using Gmail as your go-to email, as you should if you want to leverage the power of Google Apps. But how can you get all of your browsers and software to recognize your preference? Here are a few steps to ensuring that Gmail automatically opens any time you click on an email or need to email a document from one of your programs.

Make Gmail Your Default Email in Google Chrome

Method 1 – Double Diamond in Gmail This is the simplest method. Click the double diamond icon at the far right of the address bar when you login to Gmail. Click “Allow” as below.

If you don’t see the double diamond icon, proceed to Method 2. 

Method 2 – From Within your Chrome Settings

  1. Click the ☰ icon in Google Chrome at the upper right hand side of the screen.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Show advanced settings”.
  4. Under “Handlers”, click “Manage Handlers”.
  5. Under “Privacy”, click “Content Settings”.
  6. Select your organization’s email in the mailto section.

Make Gmail Your Default Email Handler in Firefox

Follow the instructions from Mozilla on this page.

Change Gmail to Your Default Email Handler with Internet Explorer

To use Gmail from anywhere with Internet Explorer, download the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. You need to have Internet Explorer 6 or a later version in order for the Toolbar to work. After installing the toolbar, click the wrench icon at the far right and check “Use Gmail for Mailto Links” under “Web Browsing Tools”.

Change Gmail to Your Default Email Handler for Everything with Affixa

If you want to make Gmail the default for everything on your PC and/or want to ensure that all of your employees can access Gmail across multiple browsers, Affixa is purpose-built just to do this at the low cost of $4.00 per user for business use, or the more attractive cost of free for individuals. It is available as a Chrome extension, Firefox extension or as a desktop application. The desktop application is only available for PCs and not for iOS.

Affixa features central console management so you can control user access from one dashboard, much like the Google admin panel for Google Apps. This allows you to make Gmail the default email handler across your organization without needing to resort to user-level settings changes for all browsers and applications. It also features custom email signatures, file storage, support for multiple webmail accounts and more.

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