Real estate is one of those industries that at first glance seem to have little use for technology. After all, a piece of code isn’t going to build skyscrapers or a bridge. It has to be done with machines and, yes, good old manual labor. But as you dig deeper, you begin to realize that construction is just a part of real estate and there are numerous backend operations than can immensely benefit from cloud solutions. 

A typical construction project includes hundreds of pages of documentation, numerous contractors, dozens of meetings, and more. Delay one meeting or mess up a document and the entire project may come to a grinding halt. In such a chaotic yet crucial workplace, the order is of utmost importance. That’s what cloud solutions deliver. 

For example, JBGoodwin is one of the largest real estate agencies from Texas, with a 750 person staff. They had a legacy system that was crumbling under their workload and consistently creating bottlenecks. Google Suite helped them migrate to the cloud and they reported a significant jump in productivity and client engagement. 

Similarly, another client of ours with over 300 partner agents wanted a dynamic solution to always keep its agents in control with a seamless workflow. We again helped them migrate to Google Suite and not only did it deliver the desired results, it also led to significant cost savings as well. 

To put it all together, our years of experience working with real estate agencies has taught us that there are some significant benefits everyone can reap from cloud migration. A few of them include: 

Better Productivity 

Cloud solutions offer a diverse and integrated set of apps that help employees perform, share, and collaborate on all kinds of tasks in the same work environment. In the case of G Suite, there are Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, and more apps that offer seamless productivity, and Drive to store all the data in a safe and cost-effective manner. 

Time Savings 

Cloud migration helps save time in two ways: First, there are analysis and reporting tools that save significant time managers otherwise have to spend building such reports. Second, it enables remote working, which itself has many benefits including time savings.   

Quick Onboarding 

Businesses using propriety or legacy tools have a tough time onboarding new employees and may even have to spend time and resources for their training. With cloud solutions like G-Suite, there is no such problem. After all, who doesn’t already use Google’s products? This contributes to a shorter and seamless onboarding process. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, all that we have discussed above, migrating to the cloud has real and immediate benefits for realtors. The larger your firm, the more benefits you can exploit. Not only will you create an immediate uptick in productivity, you’ll also achieve significant cost savings in the long run. If you wish to adopt such progressive solutions, give us a call and we can discuss a strategy.

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