IFTTT Powers Up Google Apps with Automation

by Denise Hazime on October 27, 2014

Google for Work, for most people, is the first real step in unlocking the massive efficiency provided by cloud computing. Google for Work lets you access your email, contacts, calendar and documents from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world. This means freedom.

Enter the next step; efficiency and automation.

If This Then That is a very intuitive, simple engine for telling web platforms / technologies how to work together to create personal recipes for creating new efficiencies on the web.


Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar are among the most widely used platforms on IFTTT. Google for Work is the only collaboration available on IFTTT, which means that companies who adopt Google for Work will naturally have significant advantage over others still using POP3 or Microsoft Exchange.


After authenticating your favorite channels in IFTTT, you can decide to browser recipes created by others, including some suggested recipes. Creating your own recipe is as simple as choosing “This” from a list of Triggers, followed by a “That” from a list of available Actions on another channel.

Connect Gmail to anything - IFTTT.png

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