Businesses should always strive to improve their customer service wherever possible – after all, nothing is ever truly perfect. One surefire way to improve customer service and increase client satisfaction is through the implementation of VoIP phone systems. Business VoIP phone systems such as Vonage can help your sales and customer service teams improve their response times through seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and email.

Improved Response Time for Your Clients

One of the biggest competitive advantages that your business can offer is having superior responsiveness. Increasing your response times means increasing efficiency throughout your sales team, giving them more time needed to forge relationships with customers and create new leads, and making your customers happy by providing them with prompt and efficient service and communication that sets you apart from the competition.

VoIP phone systems allow your salespeople to communicate with customers without leaving the comfort of their CRM solution, giving them immediate access to call records, client information, and letting them log notes for future sales calls. With VoIP phone systems, hold times are reduced and call quality is clear and consistent – your customers will never have to go through the frustrating process of being placed on hold or passed onto other team members. Your employees will be far more responsive to meeting the needs and demands of customers by being able to respond to them faster than ever before, and with a consistent and reliable connection.

Increased Flexibility for Your Sales Team

For workplaces looking to take advantage of the many benefits of hosting a remote workforce, VoIP phone systems allow businesses to pursue this empowering style without experiencing any interruptions. Having VoIP phone systems gives your team the flexibility that they desire, allowing them to work from home or on the road.

Some of this flexibility includes the ability for your reps to use a mobile app on their cell phone to make calls, which masks their personal numbers and integrates with your CRM and email. When they are in the office, they can click to dial a client’s phone number from within their email, without needing to open their contacts, CRM or phone directory to find the number.

The increased flexibility and other features of VoIP phone systems lets members of your sales team continue to give personalized service to each and every customer, no matter where they’re working from or what device they choose to use. Customers will be able to get in contact with members of your sales team at all times without delay, increasing customer satisfaction and creating loyalty through the careful building of relationships.

Integration with CRM and Productivity Solutions

Another major benefit of switching to VoIP phone systems is the ability to integrate them with a wide range of your workplace software solutions. Vonage Business offers the ability for workplaces to integrate their phone system with customer relationship management (CRM) software, cloud-based productivity suite solutions like G Suite, and productivity management software like Prodoscore. The unique combination of these workplace solutions increases workplace productivity, and gives your sales team a wide range of options that will allow them to better understand and develop meaningful relationships with every customer they interact with, while still being able to give them the attention they deserve to make them feel like valued clients. With VoIP technology, the customer service experienced is streamlined, allowing your employees to answer, make, and log calls, send and receive emails, and manage social media channels all from one integrated workplace solution, increasing the efficiency of your employees and creating a more positive overall experience for your customers.

VoIP telephone systems are one of the best ways to improve customer service and satisfaction. This can be done by increasing the response times of your sales team and allowing them to get in contact with customers faster and more efficiently, by allowing your workplace to be flexible through features like call forwarding that allow salespeople to work from anywhere, and the capability to full integrate your CRM and productivity suite solutions with your VoIP system, allowing employees to make, receive, and log calls from the comfort of their email inbox or CRM platform.

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