With working hours and the potential for productivity reaching an all-time high in recent years, why is it that many organizations still fail to uncover the secret to workplace productivity? Many experts have agreed that an unwillingness to invest in innovative workplace solutions could be the answer, with new cloud-based technologies being the key to creating a more productive and secure organization.

Unwarranted Security Fears

What appears to be the biggest sticking point for employers unwilling to embrace innovative new workplace technologies are security fears. Employers don’t want to take the risk to move on from legacy technology as they see new workplace tech as being risky, potentially leaving their sensitive business and client data open to exploitation. Luckily for employers everywhere, these fears are completely unwarranted as innovative new cloud solutions feature superior security options than legacy tech being held onto by many organizations.

Workplace data security is more important today than ever before, making it a major priority for software developers and providers. New cloud-based workplace technologies give IT administrators access to better insights regarding organizational data, and make it far easier to manage new users, passwords, permissions, and give the ability to instantly block access to malicious intruders. Companies that embrace newer security solutions have seen an annual average of 9% more revenue than competitors, allowing you to be more secure while maintaining a competitive edge.

Out with the Old, In with the New

While legacy technologies can be comfortable for businesses who have been using them for years, the benefits to upgrading and looking towards the future cannot be understated. Legacy technology solutions often become obsolete as developers or IT administrators stop patching, leaving them wide open to a catastrophic data breach. According to The Stack, up to 65% of IT and security experts believe that their legacy-based data will be breached within 12 months without making a move to newer cloud-based security solutions.

Workplace solutions like G Suite have been proven to increase both security and productivity, making it an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes and sectors. Cloud-based software solutions allow more user flexibility and allow for collaboration between employees, allowing your entire team to communicate and work together more effectively as a unit and thus be more productive when working within these innovative new solutions. Security solutions exist to protect cloud and mobile access, meaning that only your allowed team members will be able to access sensitive data, lessening the risk of your business suffering from a significant data breach.

Remote Working – More Productive and Satisfied Employees

By moving away from legacy technology solutions like VPN and secured servers, you are allowing your team far more flexibility and choice than ever before. Learning curves for cloud-based solutions are often minimal, especially for solutions such as G Suite and easy-to-navigate CRM solutions. A switchover will allow your entire team to learn at the same pace, while affording employees the opportunity to work remotely as they see fit. Giving your team members the freedom to work from home or from abroad can result in a far more satisfied and productive team while still being able to maintain a constant line of communication between employees.

Your new team will be unified through solutions like G Suite, which seamlessly integrates with CRM solutions without sacrificing network security – all of your customer data will be accessible to employees from anywhere they work, on any device they prefer. For managers who worry about losing productivity when moving to a remote workforce, productivity-tracking platforms like Prodoscore exist to assign productivity scores to employees and help you address potential bottlenecks as they arise.

Moving away from legacy software can not only provide new ways to secure your sensitive organizational data, but can open new doorways for you and your team that will allow employees to be more productive than ever before. Increased flexibility will open your team up to being able to work remotely without sacrificing security or productivity – making it a win-win situation for business owners willing to look to the cloud-based future.

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