Increase Efficiency by Automating Tasks with Zoho

by Denise Hazime on August 27, 2015


Automated tasks can increase lead conversion by doing things like automatically assigning new leads to a specific salesperson, sending the lead a welcome email, notifying managers of potential high-value leads and much more. The problem with automated workflows in CRM software is usually setting them up. Zoho CRM and other apps in the Zoho suite make it easy, but if you don’t have time to set up everything you want to, you can also bring in the certified Zoho consultants at UpCurve Cloud to do it for you – either way, you increase the efficiency of your sales team and ensure that no tasks, leads or invoices fall through the cracks.

How to Set Up Workflow Automation with Zoho CRM Plus

Setting up workflow rules yourself is very simple in Zoho CRM Plus. The below video explains the kinds of things you can do and how to do them. Zoho also offers a very detailed help section on setting up workflow automation.

Workflow rules can help engage clients and leads on a much deeper level. For example, if a past client makes a new order, you can set a trigger to send them an email thanking them for their continued business and offer them a discount or promotion for their loyalty. Instead of getting a stale “we will contact you” message when a new client submits something off a contact form off your website, they’ll get a personalized welcome message telling them that their account representative will contact them shortly, with a followup from the account representative who has received a notification of their new lead. The more you can personalize contact with your organization, the more sales you’ll make – and you can do it easily with automation without sounding like a robot.

Rule Trigger

What Else Can You Do with Workflow Automation?

With workflow automation, you can do things like sending messages only during work hours, so a new prospect submitting a lead at midnight doesn’t get a notification on their phone that wakes them up at one in the morning. You can make sure that the lead is assigned to the correct representative for territory, company size, product line, and any other criteria you can think of. At each point, messaging is delivered at a time that is natural and in a way that makes it feel like it was written by a real person who cares about their business. Workflow automation is also available in Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, so that you can do things like send product care instructions 30 days after an invoice is paid, or thank your client personally for their business and payment. This also makes collections a breeze – you can send out collection emails worded differently based on the amount of time a client has let an invoice lapse.

Get a Zoho Consultant on Your Team

While it’s simple to set up workflow rules, a Zoho consultant will be able to introduce you to workflow automation possibilities that you may have not even thought of. UpCurve Cloud has a number of Zoho-certified consultants who can help you run your business more efficiently, through both workflow automation and training on how to fully utilize the power of Zoho apps for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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