Increasing Efficiency and Saving Money in Healthcare with Chromebooks

by Denise Hazime on November 5, 2015


If you take an inventory of IT equipment that is being used with medical devices and by employees, you will probably find a number of expensive desktop and laptop computers from different manufacturers, not using anything close to the computing power or software that came with the computer.

Google’s Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops that have the functionality and feel of a laptop, with just enough computing resources to run regular tasks. The key difference with a Chromebook is that it runs “software” in the form of apps that are entirely connected to the cloud.

Toshiba Chromebook

Files aren’t stored locally on the Chromebook, but rather in Google Drive which means they can be accessed from anywhere by anyone who is permitted to access the file. Chromebooks are also fast - without restrictive software affecting boot times, they boot up in seconds so your employees can get to work right away.  

How Do the Numbers Break Down?

While there are top-end Chromebooks that sell for over $1000, most Chromebooks are around $300. Compare this to the average desktop or laptop machine, which can easily run at twice that cost or more. If you have an employee doing low-level tasks such as booking appointments, they really only need the least expensive Chromebook, which is only $179.99. Multiply the savings across your organization, and the relief on your bottom line is significant.  

Get Your Medical Devices Closer to the Internet of Things

Chrome Devices

Would you like to be able to log in to your administrative panel and see how long a device was being used for, how often, and other data? If you start running your devices on Chromebooks and uploading data to Google Drive, it is possible. So is programming any device on your system remotely. Change digital signs, lock out users, schedule tasks and much more from just one administration panel, without having to leave your desk and possibly interrupt patient care in the process.  

Chromebox for Meetings & Chrome for Kiosks


Chromebooks aren’t the only hardware offering Google has for business. Chromebox for Meetings offer high-quality videoconferencing for a fraction of the cost of traditional video conferencing plans and equipment. Small room systems start at $999, while systems for larger rooms start at $1,999. Ongoing fees are simple - just $250 per year per device.

Chromebox integrates with other videoconferencing systems that your clients may use, such as UberConference, InterCall and more. All meeting participants need is the meeting link to join, rather than having to go through an extensive process of entering a PIN, calling the right number, and so on.

You can also set up easy-to-use patient kiosks for information, registration, and much more with Chrome for Kiosks, which allows you to set up a public-access single-purpose machine on an inexpensive device, such as a Chromebox, rather than using a pricier computer to power a kiosk.  

Security and HIPPA Compliance

Chromebooks are built to work in a Google Apps for Work environment, which is fully HIPPA-compliant. Your administrative panel in Google Apps for Work also allows for device management of your Chromebooks, giving you one login for all IT tasks and further locking down security. Chromebooks can be wiped remotely, turned off remotely, and be restricted to certain users - all from your administrative panel.

Computers running any kind of software, even Apple-based computers, are more vulnerable to attackers and viruses simply because they are running various kinds of software. A hacker would essentially have to hack Google to get at your data with Google Apps for Work, which is much harder than injecting a virus into the backdoor code of a random screensaver on a PC.

Getting on Google Apps for Work

Transitioning to Google Apps for Work from a legacy software environment isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially if you have a trusted reseller like UpCurve Cloud handling it for you. With access to our support, our expertise in connecting legacy systems and custom systems to Google Apps for Work, and much more, you’re in good hands with us. Plus, our experience with healthcare organizations and businesses who have implemented Google Apps for Work under our watchful eyes gives us invaluable experience that you can count on.

Contact us today to find out more about outfitting your healthcare organization with Chromebooks and moving your business into the future with Google Apps for Work.

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