We owe a great deal to the frontline workers who have continued to serve bravely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing essential services to continue with some sense of normalcy. Tech giant Google has recognized these essential workers, creating the brand new Google Workspace Frontline in response to their selflessness.

Workspace Frontline offers frontline workers secure access to critical data and seamless cloud communication and collaboration from any device, no matter where they’re operating. This unique offer is available only to eligible frontline employees for a special cost, allowing these essential workers to maintain a safe and secure line of communication with corporate teams.

What is Google Workspace Frontline?

Introduced with frontline workers in mind, Google Workspace Frontline looks to address a lack of access to collaboration and communication tools to keep these essential workers connected to the rest of their team. Google Workspace Frontline offers frontline workers a safe and secure way to stay in the loop with corporate teams through intuitive apps like Gmail, Google Meet, Chat, Calendar, Docs, and Drive.

Frontline workers can use these apps to seamlessly collaborate with corporate teams and stay in the loop through seamless text chat and secure video meetings. They can also help companies with frontline staff members better manage their employees without compromising the integrity of data or bogging employees down with tools that don’t work for them. In addition to these cloud-based collaboration and communication tools, Workspace Frontline gives these essential workers access to advanced endpoint management to keep data secure and away from prying eyes, no matter what device is used.

With Google Workspace Frontline, account administrators will gain access to advanced security controls, including Google Drive audit logs which offer insight into user activity in Google apps, and data protection insight reports to identify Drive files that may contain sensitive data. Companies using Workspace Frontline edition can also choose to add additional features like Google Vault and Cloud Identity Premium to allow for eDiscovery and data retention, and enterprise-level security.

Who is eligible for Google Workspace Frontline?

To take advantage of the Google Workspace Frontline edition, end-users must be eligible frontline workers. Since the term has been thrown around quite a bit since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s understandable that there might be confusion about eligibility. So who precisely is defined as a frontline worker? Google defines eligible users as being the backbone of a business with these primary job functions:

  • Providing services, support, and selling directly to customers or having direct contact with the general public.
  • Being involved directly in the manufacturing or distribution of products and services.
  • Make up most of your workforce and must have access to speed and collaboration to perform job duties.

Google also defines frontline workers as largely “deskless” employees who share their primary work device or work using a mobile device. They are typically “light” creators of content or employees who must consume content via services offered by Google Workspace. Some examples of eligible frontline workers provided by Google include:

  • Manufacturing assembly workers
  • Restaurant, hospitality, and retail workers
  • Farming, fishing, and forestry workers
  • Construction workers
  • Field workers
  • Call center and transportation operators

All users registered for Google Workspace Frontline must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by Google, as the company retains the right to restrict organizational access to Workspace Frontline in the event that they determine licenses have been given to ineligible users.

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