The all-new redesign of Google’s Gmail will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks, bringing with it a variety of brand new security and intelligent business features that promise to change the way users navigate and use the popular email platform. Among the new features coupled with Gmail’s redesign are brand new measures to protect your sensitive information through confidentiality mode and rights management controls, and artificial intelligence tools that allow users to stay up-to-date with their emails through versatile features like smart replies, nudging, snoozing, and more.

Keep your emails and data protected through new security features

Google has introduced a number of new security-focused features for Gmail and other G Suite apps over the last year through the introduction of anti-phishing filters that have already worked to prevent up to 99% of all Business Email Compromise threats, reinforcing Google’s continued dedication to the security of user data. This rings especially true with the security updates featured in the new Gmail release, which will now include a confidential mode. This confidential mode will help users further protect their sensitive emails by allowing for the quick creation of flexible email expiry dates and even lets users revoke emails that have been previously sent.

Also introduced is an integrated Information Rights Management (IRM) dashboard that gives the users the option to disable email options like downloading, printing, and forwarding. This new IRM feature allows users to further protect the integrity of their data, ensuring that information does not fall into the wrong hands. In addition to these newly introduced features, Gmail users will be given clearer security warnings that will allow users to respond to potential security risks in a more effective and better-informed manner, further reducing the risk of data or account compromises.

Increase workplace productivity with new Gmail business intelligence features

Employees using Gmail will now be able to easily increase their productivity and efficiency in the workplace through newly introduced business intelligence features powered by Google’s advanced artificial intelligence platform.

These new business intelligence features include porting over the Smart Reply feature found on Gmail’s mobile app, allowing users to respond to messages in seconds through the use of automated messages generated by AI. Other added productivity tools include Nudging, which will remind users to respond and follow up to high priority emails so that they don’t fall between the cracks. The Snooze feature can be used to snooze lower priority emails until a later time when you will have the free time and focus to give them the attention they deserve.

On top of the new security and business intelligence features being added to the new and improved Gmail, Google has worked to increase the integration of other G Suite apps with the email platform. This tighter integration will make it easier for users to quickly RVSP to meetings,  create and edit Calendar events and invites, add notes to Keep, and increase access to third-party apps.

The new Gmail brings with it a number of features and tools that will benefit organizations of all sizes by tightening security to protect sensitive emails and business data, and by giving users access to new tools that promise to increase productivity through the power of AI. The upcoming Gmail update gives further reason for businesses to leave behind their legacy email and productivity platforms and make the switch to the versatile G Suite.

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