In the business world, it’s vital that your business be able to seamlessly handle the internal and external growth of your company - failure to do so can result in an easily avoidable loss of revenue or leads falling through the cracks.

Your business can grow at an extremely fast pace, but many organizations fail to take into account that as they grow, the workplace software solutions that they work with on a daily basis need to continue growing as well. An organization that grows from a small group of 1-2 employees to a larger team of 5-10 will have drastically different software needs, and these will need to be addressed before additional growth can realistically take place. Same thing when that team grows from 5-10 to 15-20, and so on.

Workplace software needs to keep pace with company growth

As your business grows, you will naturally begin significantly expanding your client list and the number of employees working within your organization, meaning that many of your workplace solutions will be put the test, and are likely to fail. Making the jump to a modern unified workflow will give your team the tools that they need to get the job done effectively, helping them to increase productivity through collaboration and communication, to better connect with and meet the needs of clients, and to turn leads into new customers.

The stakes are too high for your rapidly expanding business not to be equipped with modern software solutions that revolutionize the way your employees work together. Without upgrading your workplace software, you risk losing business and diminishing the potential of your team, as they will be working with antiquated software that lacks the features and implementations needed for the modern workplace.

One of the first mistakes that business owners make when looking at upgrades is to buy solely based on price. It’s always better to buy the solution that addresses your needs rather than the solution that doesn’t adequately do so, simply because it is cheaper. UpCurve can help you determine the best value for your dollar with any solution, whether it is a new phone system, a new productivity suite such as G Suite, or a CRM. When it comes to Google solutions, UpCurve Cloud is a Google Premier Partner for a decade, and we always stay on top of emerging technologies and new features we share with our clients.

Now’s the time to take advantage of the power of modern workplace solutions

For businesses that are reluctant to make the jump to a fully modern unified workflow solution, there are a number of options that will transform your growing organization. New and recurring customer data can clog up your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and these solutions may be experiencing heavier usage and demands from your team. If your business has experienced rapid growth, there’s a good chance that your team has outgrown their legacy CRM solution and require a cloud-based platform that can be integrated with the rest of your workplace software, including G Suite and even your business phone systems.
Additionally, cloud-based solutions make it easy to onboard and offboard employees anytime, anywhere - allowing for better management of secure company data and an easier HR process.

Your business can put productivity suites like G Suite to better use by simply upgrading your subscription from a Basic package to a Business or Enterprise level, which will give your team access to a whole host of new features. Upgrading your G Suite subscription will give your staff access to smart business features like unlimited cloud storage, audit reports, data loss prevention tools, eDiscovery for emails and files, and much more. Implementing a business intelligence tool like Prodoscore can help management to keep track of the effectiveness of your growing team through uniquely assigned “productivity scores” for each employee. Prodoscore can help your business identify productivity bottlenecks, reward exceptional team members, and allow you to quickly pivot when something isn’t working - as well as manage employees at the office and remotely.

Other easy upgrades like ensuring that your workplace tools are integrated to their fullest potential will help your team increase productivity and effectiveness by giving them instant access to CRM features in their email inbox, allow them to record and archive client calls to improve customer relationships and automate processes to minimize time-consuming data entry.

Finding a workplace software broker that works for you

When looking to upgrade your workplace software solutions, look towards an experienced broker like UpCurve Cloud, who will outline exactly what your business needs in order to help your software keep up with the growth and expansion of your business. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to offer expert consultation, advise you on what solutions will better meet the unique needs of your growing business, and seamlessly integrate your solutions and ensure that they are working in unison to increase efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s CRM solutions, productivity suites, business intelligence tools, or VoIP phone systems, there’s nothing our team of experts can’t help your business with.

For more information on how UpCurve Cloud can help your business make the seamless transition to a unified workflow featuring workplace solutions like G Suite, Prodoscore, and other cloud-based software solutions, contact us today.