At some time in the life of a business, it will be embroiled in some kind of legal matter. When this happens, it is often necessary for businesses to produce digital documentation of work done on a client’s account, work that has been done (or not done) by an employee in human resources cases, and more. Discovery and legal holds on this documentation is a process that can take forever - and cost thousands of dollars in a lawyer’s time.

G Suite for Business and Enterprise are built to make the eDiscovery process easy for any digital document or communication - from email to spreadsheets - and to ensure that they are properly timestamped for use in legal matters. The built-in processes in G Suite that make your business ready for eDiscovery can also bring it into compliance with privacy regulations as well.

Google Vault: Built for eDiscovery

Google Vault is purpose-built to archive all of your business information for later eDiscovery if desired. It also allows you to manage internal security by keeping an eye on who is doing what within Vault by providing full audit reports.