Keeping A Remote Workforce Engaged And Happy

by Koosha Araghi on December 20, 2018

Companies of all sizes around the country are increasingly allowing their team members to work remotely and taking advantage of the many cost-saving and productivity-boosting aspects of the remote working revolution. While remote working is highly beneficial for workplaces, it also comes with its own unique problems including employees being more isolated and being in a less traditional style of workplace. With at least 70% of employees around the world working remotely on a regular basis, it’s important for organizations to know how to consistently keep their team members engaged and productive to get the very most out of their growing remote workforce.

Encourage communication and collaboration between employees

The most effective way to keep your team members engaged is to encourage communication between your team members. The unique workplace atmosphere that comes with remote working can feel isolating for employees, which can interfere with productivity and satisfaction. This can be taken on directly by giving your team members access to platforms like Google Hangouts Meet, Slack, and other workplace communication solutions, as well as encouraging regular “watercooler” conversations between employees through emails and platforms like Hangouts Meet. 

Regular communication with other remote employees can reduce the isolating factors involved in remote working, and strengthen relationships between your team. Video and audio conference calls are another great way to engage your team, with Hangouts Meet able to accommodate up to 100 participants.

Once you’ve worked on establishing and strengthening workplace relationships, collaboration between team members on projects is another great way of engaging employees and making them feel like they’re a part of something meaningful. Cloud-based productivity solutions like G Suite allow your team members to work together simultaneously within apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, being able to view, edit, comment, suggest and chat in real-time. Collaboration strengthens bonds between your remote team as it brings them together to solve problems and improve projects, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of projects.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Spending time away from work and being with the ones you love is extremely important for the mental health and wellbeing of your employees. Encouraging that your team members maintain a healthy work-life balance will ensure that they do not run the risk of workplace burnout, as well as maintaining their workplace morale and overall job satisfaction. 

Employees can use Google Calendar to set their work hours, which will ensure that their free time is blocked off and will make clients and other employees unable to book them for meetings, allowing them to enjoy their time away from work without the fear of being roped into an unexpected meeting. To ensure that employees in other time zones don’t feel disconnected or out of the loop, it’s encouraged that conversations, relevant projects, and decisions are shared between employees.

Understand the needs and work habits of your team

Each and every one of your employees has their own unique needs and work habits - it’s up to you to understand them, and help to accommodate to them as much as possible. In order to understand these things, you’ll need to listen to their suggestions, concerns, and opinions, check in on their progress, and generally get to know them. 

Poll your employees on what solutions they enjoy working in, what tools they think have become irrelevant, distracting or counter-productive, and use this information to build a more engaging set of workplace solutions. There’s no one size fits all solution for a remote workforce - you’ll have to allow a certain amount of flexibility to keep employees engaged. This can include allowing employees to choose their own work hours, offering skills development opportunities, and developing perks and rewards that reflect their goals and work styles.

If you would like a practical example, you can listen to our Google Cloud sales manager, Joey Maller, on a recent podcast talking about how he manages his remote sales team

Measure engagement and productivity with Prodoscore

Employers who are looking for a way to accurately measure the engagement of employees can use Prodoscore, a business intelligence tool that assigns productivity scores to each employee. Prodoscore helps you identify opportunities for stronger selling and employee engagement, can allow you to address at-risk team members whose performance has suffered or decreased in a remote working atmosphere, and gives you real-time information about adoption rates of workplace solutions.

For more information on how UpCurve Cloud can help your organization implement a cloud-based unified workflow that will increase the engagement and productivity of your remote workforce, contact us today.


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Koosha Araghi
Director of Marketing at UpCurve Cloud
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