Remote working can present many benefits and opportunities for both employees and the businesses they work for, including higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and cost-cutting. Despite this, many employers are understandably hesitant when it comes to harnessing the full potential of employing remote workers. Some of these hesitations stem from having reservations about employee productivity, removing team members from a traditional office setting, or the fear that your workers will not be as collaborative as they are when working in an office setting. Contrary to these beliefs, removing workers from traditional environments has been proven to actually increase productivity and collaboration through cloud-based solutions like G Suite. Despite all of the proven benefits of remote workforces, one of the largest issues that persist with employers revolves around security.

Your employees are quite possibly the greatest asset that your organization has, but can also inadvertently turn into one of your greatest security threats with the advent of phishing scams and other common cybersecurity threats. Reliable security is a must-have in the digital age, where opportunists lurk seemingly behind every corner. Employers will be happy to know that security and remote work go hand-in-hand, and there are many solutions available that effectively address this concern.

Retain control over your company data with G Suite

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your company and customer data is secure is by upgrading from outdated legacy productivity suites to modern cloud-based solutions like G Suite. Not only does this allow your remote employees to boost productivity through real-time collaboration and communication, but it also gives employers and IT administrators access to a whole host of security options that will help to protect the integrity of their company data.

With G Suite, employers can control the privileges of every user and device, which gives you the option to allow or deny team members to access, edit, view, or share company documents, emails, and other data stored in Drive. The security panel allows administrators to enforce company security policies for all users, further protecting sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands or being misused by employees.

Through G Suite’s innovative security panel, employers and administrators can see who is accessing what company data and what device they’re using, allowing you to get a clearer picture of who is legitimately viewing company data and who may be a threat. The security panel also gives administrators the option to temporarily lock out accounts in the event of a phishing scam to prevent the scam’s spread, and gain access to real-time monitoring that can recognize and warn administrators when cybersecurity threats are present and where they originated from. With G Suite, employers regain control over their company and customer data and ensure that sensitive files are protected. In addition to this, employees can continue using their favorite workplace apps on their business phones and be able to securely log activity into their CRM and business intelligence solutions.

Look to the cloud for secure data storage and hosting

Ensuring that customer and company data is stored in a reliable and secure location is another major step when looking to host a remote working environment. Getting rid of costly internal servers and making the jump to maintenance-free cloud storage through Google Drive will ensure that your company data is easily accessible only to your remote team, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Google takes the security of its user data seriously, giving users the reliability that comes with the Google name, and the might of its industry-leading cloud security.

Stay on top of your team’s productivity with Prodoscore

Business intelligence tools like Prodoscore won’t directly increase your organization’s remote security but can go a long way when it comes to informing employers about what their team members are up to, and how they’re spending their time. Prodoscore unobtrusively monitors the productivity of your team members as they work in common workplace solutions, and assigns each one with a unique “productivity score”. This score helps employers gain insight into the day-to-day activities of their employees, allowing you to see how much time each employee is spending within each solution, helping you spot opportunities and potential threats in a proactive manner, and letting you easily pivot when something clearly isn’t working or can be improved upon.

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