Leading Google Apps Reseller Proposes Bold Changes

by Denise Hazime on January 16, 2013

New opportunities are coming for cloud services leader, UpCurve Cloud

Everyone outgrows their shoes at some point. It seems that Google Apps Reseller, UpCurve Cloud, has grown a little too big for its boots. Some big changes are afoot at the Los Angeles based company. So, what is the next step for the cloud gurus?

"Bigger and better cloud projects," says Bence Orlai of UpCurve Cloud. "UpCurve Cloud has traditionally been known for their skill in the small business market, but I think we can expand our expertise to larger, more complex deployments, and incorporate more consulting and development services. The cloud service provider business model is coming into focus. We plan to make 2013 a watershed year for UpCurve Cloud."

UpCurve Cloud is no stranger to change. With the emergence of Google Apps, UpCurve Cloud decided to take a big leap and pivot to focus on the cloud. According to Orlai, that was just the beginning.

"We are in a terrific position to go beyond implementation services," says Orlai. "The cloud is relevant to businesses at a strategic level. We want UpCurve Cloud to use the cloud as an all around problem solving tool to address our clients’ business needs."

"We will take UpCurve Cloud to the next level of cloud services," says Crisantos Hajibrahim. "There are so many amazing angles to the cloud. We are witnessing a plethora of new business models emerge as a result of the dominance of cloud computing. The velocity of change requires us to beef up our management team. We plan to keep UpCurve Cloud focused and to hone our operations. We think these adjustments will dramatically improve our performance and further our capacity to help our customers transition and thrive."

Businesses with their head in the cloud should follow UpCurve Cloud closely. They’re sure to be leaving some heavy tracks in the cloud this year.

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