Lock Down Your Business With Google Apps Single Sign-On

by Denise Hazime on December 25, 2014

One of the most powerful features of Google Apps is the ability to take complete control of all accounts with Single Sign-On (SSO). You have complete control over every employee's activity on Google Apps, including email, Calendar, and any shared files in Google Drive - as well as their devices.

If your business is not using Google Apps, you must go through each past employee's accounts and services and manually disable them; and that's only if you have their user account name and password. Single Sign-On puts enterprise-level control of all Google Apps into a simple, easy-to-administer console for business owners and IT administrators.

School boards, educational institutions, health care organizations and more all use Single Sign-On with Google Apps to lock down their system and protect against abuse such as deletion of necessary files.

In addition, Single Sign-On adds an extra level of encryption security to Google Apps within your organization, making it far more difficult for cyber criminals to get at your Google Apps infrastructure. It also allows you to easily add and manage non-Google cloud services such as Salesforce to your organization, giving employees access to these services when they sign on to Google.

Configuring Single Sign-On

To implement Single Sign-On, go to admin.google.com and sign into your admin dashboard. If you don't see controls for controlling user accounts and services, contact your Google Apps reseller to gain administrator rights. You then need to generate a set of public and private keys and an X.509 certificate that contains the public key, then upload these items to your admin console. If this looks like Greek to you, contact your Google Apps reseller and have them implement it for you.

The user sees a page much like the screenshot below where they must enter their user name and password, as well as any other credentials you require. In the example below, they must select the domain.

For additional instructions, see Google's support site.

Single Identity and Access Management Service (IAM)

Google's single IAM service lets you manage users, devices, and Google and non-Google services from one tool. When an employee leaves, all you need to do is go in and deactivate their account from the one console to switch off access to company accounts, devices, and any services that you have set them up with. This saves valuable time in hunting up various services that an employee may be using by putting them all in one place, thereby preventing damage to your organization.

You can use the same IAM service to configure popular non-Google enterprise cloud applications with Enable SSO with an existing Cloud App and to add your own with Custom App.

Add Significant Value to Your Business

If your goal is to resell your business in the near future, Single Sign-On enables a seamless transition between business owners with one handover of administrator accounts. You can also tell prospective buyers about your security measures that are protecting the proprietary items that they are considering for purchase. If you are looking for investors, Single Sign-On is one more value proposition you can add to your presentation kit.

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