Machine Learning Event at Google’s Austin, TX Office

by Katie Liesmann on May 8, 2018

On May 3rd, UpCurve Cloud hosted a seminar at Google’s Austin office. The event, Grow Revenue, Improve Customer Experience & Reduce Costs with Machine Learning, focused on what machine learning (ML) is, explained how it can help your business, and showcased attainable products that can be implemented to reap the benefits of ML.

The event brought together speakers from several different well-respected technology companies:

  • Morris Randall, Account Executive, Google
  • Alexandra Currie, Account Executive, Salesforce
  • Matthew Samuel, Director of Sales, Prodoscore
  • Chris Moore, SVP Strategic Partnerships, Vonage
  • Joey Maller, Sales Manager, UpCurve Cloud

These accredited speakers talked about how each platform works in conjunction with the other platforms to create an environment that employees thrive in. Using software platforms that use Machine Learning technology, such as the ones discussed at this event, employees can collaborate online as a cloud-based team and be their most productive. These teams then can also leverage business data to optimize productivity and scale with ease since their team collaborates in the cloud.

While all our guests left with some new knowledge on improving their business with machine learning and some cool Google swag, two lucky attendees were drawn for our raffle and took home a Chromebook and a Google Home device.

Thank you to all our speakers, attendees, and hosts for making this event a success. To learn more about unifying your workflow in the cloud around Google, reach out to us here.

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