Major Price Drop for Google Drive: 1TB Is Now $9.99

by Koosha Araghi on March 13, 2014

Google shook up the cloud storage world this week by releasing new rates that are significantly lower than the rest of the competition. Outside of the free 15 GB (30 GB for Google Apps for Business), upgrades now start as low as $1.99 for an additional 100 GB. The most attractive and popular of these is the 1 TB tier that has dropped in price from $49.99 to only $9.99.

Additional storage purchased can be used throughout the Google ecosystem. Last year, Google updated their storage model by introducing a unified system between Mail, Drive, Picasa, and Google+.

The new pricing is a huge game changer, not only beating out the competition but providing an affordable option for users and organization of any size looking to back up their data. Google's secure cloud service is backed up in multiple data centers, so your files are never at risk of damage or potential data loss due to a damaged hard drive. Take a look at one of our previous blogs discussing how you can replace your file server with Google Drive.

The Competition:

Microsoft OneDrive (Formerly Skydrive): Starting at 7GB free, with 100 GB costing $50/a year. Plans are capped at 200GB and files uploads are restricted to 2GB at a time (Drive allows up to 10GB).

Dropbox: Starts with 2 GB free, with each additional 100GB costing $10/month. Dropbox storage caps at 500GB whereas Drive allows up to 30 Terabytes. 10GB free, with each additional 100GB costing $10/month. Paid plans restrict uploads to 5GB at a time (compared to 10GB with Drive).

Additional storage can be purchased through the Drive Storage Settings page.

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