Are You Making the Most of Your VoIP Phone System?

by Denise Hazime on April 20, 2017


VoIP phones, or Voice over Internet Protocol phones, are a critical part of many modern workplaces. VoIP phones are generally a cheaper way than traditional land lines to communicate, and often contain a wide array of useful features that can revolutionize your business when used correctly. It’s important to know whether or not you’re using a VoIP phone system that suits your needs, especially if you plan on integrating it with your other business systems.  

Make Sure You Have a VoIP System That Integrates With Everything

The first thing to consider in a VoIP phone system is full integration with all the software you use. gUnify (now part of Vonage Business) allows users to combine the power of their VoIP phone with cloud-based business services like Google’s G Suite, Salesforce, and other software. Vonage Business also allows you to make and receive phone calls on mobile devices and your computer.

Services like Vonage Business not only allow for instant communication and integration through a wide array of platforms, but also allow users to log their VoIP calls. Management can gain insight through reporting into durations, dates, and more information about calls made by their team. This can be helpful when keeping track of billable hours, increasing the efficiency of your sales team, and these real-time insights can make for easier and more effective business management.  

Accountability for Your Sales and Remote Teams with Prodoscore & VoIP Phones

Many businesses operate with remote teams - sales and otherwise. UpCurve Cloud also offers a tool called Prodoscore which uses Google's Machine Learning to pull in information from your VoIP phone system to tell you how much time remote workers are spending on the phone. It pairs with G Suite and your CRM solution to offer a complete picture of exactly how much time your remote team is spending on email, documents, spreadsheets, calls, and logging events in your CRM.

Prodoscore generates a score for each employee and allows you to view their activity in real time through the Prodoscore portal - it will also email you alerts if the score drops below a certain percentage that you specify. The ability to monitor employee activity non-invasively helps you manage their productivity and ensure widespread adoption of the tools you want to use for your business - including your VoIP phone system.  

Research VoIP Phone Systems Before You Buy

As with any major business purchase, it’s important that you thoroughly research and weigh the pros and cons of each leading VoIP phone system. Many phones feature the same list of basic features like touch screens, programmable speed dialing, bluetooth connectivity, and headset compatibility, but not every phone on the market will be able to satisfy your unique business needs.

It’s important to consider how the use of voice communications fits with your business. Are you buying exclusively for individual use, or will you need a system that can handle receptionist use and conference calls? Clearly laying out how you currently use your phone systems can help you choose the best fit.  

Don’t Go for the Cheapest Option

Choosing the right VoIP system isn’t quite as simple as just choosing the cheapest option available to you. By doing this, you risk completely losing the useful features and integration offered by many VoIP business phone systems. Switching to a VoIP phone system will save money through low-cost calling options and productivity. The only things businesses need to worry about are their existing Internet connection and mobile data costs. Choosing the wrong VoIP system can lead to useful management and executive features like video chats, Bluetooth, fast and reliable performance, and unified communication capabilities being taken away from your team.

VoIP systems are a revolutionary part of the business world, and choosing the right one for you and your team is important. Ensuring that your system features useful capabilities can help to ensure integration between your business and its phone system. Services like gUnify allow for efficient and productive improvements to your entire team, and takes advantage of the wide array of features offered by powerful VoIP phones. It’s important to research before you buy, consider all of your options, and spare no expense when making the switch to VoIP.  

If You’ve Tried VoIP and Abandoned It, Try Again

Many businesses jumped on the VoIP bandwagon in the 00’s, when VoIP was a new technology. Many of these businesses experienced problems with their VoIP phone systems, mostly in the area of a lack of call clarity and a lack of integration with other business systems. VoIP has come a long way in the past decade, and chances are good that all of the problems you may have experienced with these systems have been eliminated.

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