Marketing Automation 101: Zoho CRM Enterprise

by Denise Hazime on January 28, 2016

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Zoho CRM is arguably the least expensive solution on the market for the number of features it offers to companies looking for customer relationship management software. With its integrations with Google Apps and most notably Gmail, you can bring all written client communications into one easily accessible file. But that’s just one feature of what you can do with its most basic plan.

The real secret sauce for companies with high-volume lead generation and support requests lies in the abilities of Zoho CRM Enterprise to almost completely automate marketing and support emails. It’s worth the price of upgrading to Enterprise to cut out a significant amount of work – and make your clients feel well looked after.  

Zoho Forms > General Email Inboxes

Most companies have a generalized contact form or email on their website which customers can send inquiries to. The problem: standard email as we know it fails. We’ve all had customers call saying that they sent an email which we’ve never received. General inboxes often rely on receptionists to send on emails to appropriate people in the organization, and there is another spot it can go awry.

There are some measures you can take, such as hosting your email with Google Apps, which can minimize this risk. But the best way of making sure that an email makes it from your prospect’s outbox to the right person’s inbox is to install Zoho Forms on your website and have it interact with Zoho CRM to send the email directly to the responsible party. Cut out middlemen and ensure that the right person has the email in their inbox when they get into work.

The best way of making sure that an email makes it from your prospect’s outbox to the right person’s inbox is to install Zoho Forms on your website and have it interact with Zoho CRM

Kick it up a Notch With Email Automation

We’ve just made it more likely that you won’t lose any leads with Zoho Forms. If you’re on Zoho CRM Enterprise, you can really put the pedal to the metal by sending time-based automatic responses to your prospective clients. If a prospect sends an email at midnight, they can get an email with their designated account manager’s name, number, and a time-based message thanking them for their email, and promising them a response when their representative gets into the office. Additionally, you can set conditions which automatically append links to items related to their query on your website if they are asking about something common, such as pricing or specific feature sets.

Kick it up a Notch With Email Automation

There are a few things happening here – first, the prospect has all of the contact information they need should they not hear from anyone within the prescribed time. Secondly, they have a response that contains information about their query, which may answer their questions before they even get on the phone with the sales rep, saving the rep valuable time. Thirdly, they have been given a personalized response that doesn’t feel like marketing automation at all, increasing trust in your organization.

UTM Links to Track Leads from Conversion to Sale

A special skill set of UpCurve Cloud’s is to have branded emails that go out with custom UTM codes in to track opens from the email autoresponses. A UTM code is a specialized link which tells Zoho where the lead came from, what page they were on at the site when they sent the inquiry, and how they arrived at the conversion point. From this interaction, SalesIQ can be configured to pop up a chat window that only that specific user sees, which asks a follow up question in same vein as to why they initially converted. You can then offer in the chat window to put them in touch with their representative, or offer them assistance. It makes the whole experience more personal and maximizes the use of your sales team’s time.  

Other Zoho CRM Enterprise Features

Besides unlimited email automation, Zoho CRM Enterprise offers territory management and support for multiple currencies. Even a company with a smaller sales department typically has roles divided up by territory, and this allows you to even more finely hone your marketing automation by sending sales leads from specific areas to their own territory manager. If you are looking to implement a customer relationship management solution in your company, or want to upgrade from Zoho CRM to Professional or Enterprise, contact UpCurve Cloud.

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