Mass Product Selection for Quotes in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on September 4, 2014

In SugarCRM users can generate a quote within the Quotes module. While creating the quote, they can pull up Sugar’s product catalog, select the product they are quoting out, then enter the quantity they need. Sugar will auto calculate the total including discounts, shipping, and tax based on the line items, which can then be export as a PDF. The Quotes module works great for users that are Quoting less than about five products. The method of selecting from the product catalog allows you to filter to find the product, but it requires several clicks each time a product is added.

One of our customers has thousands of products and dozens of product categories in Sugar. They are a healthcare company who manufactures medicine and health products. They use Sugar’s Quotes module to build out estimates for retailers like grocery stores and pharmacies. It was taking their sales reps a lot of time to build each Quote and they needed a faster way to filter and quickly add multiple products to a Quote with less clicks. To solve this, UpCurve Cloud built a custom view that enables our customer to select multiple products at once without leaving the screen. To access this view, we added a button to the Quotes module for “Mass Product Selection”.

When the rep is ready to add products to the Quote, they click the “Mass Product Selection” button which takes them to a custom view with filters for product type and category. UpCurve Cloud also added a search bar to make it easy to find a specific product without needing to paginate through all of the products. The search bar uses full-text Elastic search, meaning that it will search on product name, type, and part number.


Once the rep has narrowed their search, they can click the add button to the left of the product name to quickly add the item to the group. They can adjust the quantity and add as many products as they need from this screen.

After the rep is done adding products and they select save, all of the selected products are instantly added to the quote in Sugar.

This customization has saved our customer a lot of time by eliminating the number of clicks required to add multiple products to a quote. More importantly, the sales reps no longer dread using the system since the process of creating a quote is no longer tedious and saves them time.

For more information about UpCurve Cloud’s custom view for adding multiple products to a quote, contact us today.

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