Massive New G Suite Features Built for Business

by Denise Hazime on March 16, 2017


There were many major announcements to come out of last week’s Google Next conference, but the most important for business users are the many improvements and added features for G Suite. There are new features across the board, including better videoconferencing tools, and new Team Drives which allow for easy collaboration. All of the improvements and features are designed to improve the experience for existing business clients, and to entice larger businesses in the enterprise category to make the move to G Suite.  

Google Drive Team Drives


Remember how each department in your office had its own folder on the network back in the day? The Team Drive is Google’s version of this. Team leaders can control access to files, and when you start a new file it is owned by everyone on your team, not just you - making change management easy should employees leave the company. This simplifies the Google Drive experience by decluttering Google Drive for each employee, allowing them only to see relevant information.

Google Drive File Stream

The name is boring, but the possibilities with this new feature are huge. Now, instead of syncing Google Drive with local files, your team now has access from their desktop and devices to everything on Google Drive. This means no more local storage space being tied up and no more possibilities of a sync being missed along with important information.

Drive File Stream also makes your most-used files available in the background with machine learning, so your highest-use items will always be there for you without you having to look for them.

Data Protection Tools for Google Vault for Drive

While Google Vault already had the capacity to save important eDiscovery information such as timestamps on emails and so on, one thing it didn’t have was a comprehensive set of data protection tools. Now, admins can choose what they keep and what they get rid of with new data protection tools that ensure compliance with regulations on stored data.

Better Conferencing with Hangouts Meet & Chat

Hangouts Meet is Google’s new purpose-built tool for conference calls - video or otherwise. Rather than slapping on features to Google Hangouts which it has done in the past, Google has designed an entirely new tool that is more similar to GoToMeeting than it is to Skype. You can use it exactly as you used Hangouts, incorporating it as part of an event invite in Calendar or just popping it open at G Suite Enterprise edition users get a dial-in number for each meeting, making it easy for everyone to hop in no matter where they are.

Hangouts Chat is being billed by tech journalists as a competitor for Slack, but it is really more of an advanced chat system for teams that is highly simplified over Slack - making it attractive to use for smaller projects done in G Suite with your team. As with everything Google, search is the core of Hangouts Chat true power - easily search all conversations for that thing you were talking about.

There were many more announcements at Google Next on improvements for G Suite; the above are just some of the more attractive for business users. If you’d like to find out more about G Suite, contact UpCurve Cloud today.

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