Migrating Apple Contacts (Address Book) & Calendar Events (iCal) To Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on November 18, 2013

In our previous post we shared steps on migrating your emails from Apple Mail to Google Apps, and promised a follow-up post on migrating Address Book contacts and iCal calendar events to Google Apps, so let’s get started!

Address Book Contacts

You’ll need to start by opening your Address Book and selecting the appropriate contacts Group you want to upload to Google Apps. Once you’ve chosen the group, click on File > Export > Export Group vCard.

Save the file on your Desktop or any location you deem safe.

Open your web browser and navigate to gmail.com and log in to your Google Apps account to go to your Contacts. Click on More > Import:

After uploading the vCard to Google Apps you will see your contacts list fill up and a contact group call “Imported MM/DD/YR” will be created automatically but Google already puts a copy of those newly-uploaded contacts in your My Contacts group by default. This means that if you don’t need the Imported 11/15/13 contact group you can get rid of it by clicking on the group > More > Delete Group.

iCal Calendars

Open your iCal program and click the Calendars button to show the Calendar list, if it is not already displaying it. Select the calendar you want to migrate in the Calendar list. Then, choose File > Export and Save the file to a safe location.

Once you’ve exported your calendar, log in to your Google Apps calendar at calendar.google.com and click on the gear icon  at the top right of the page to navigate to Settings > Calendars.

Next to the Create New Calendar button at the bottom of your My Calendars list, click on the Import Calendar link which will prompt you to select the .ICS file you originally exported. If you are importing several calendars please make sure you select the appropriate destination Calendar from the drop-down menu:

Once Google has uploaded your calendar events, a dialog box will inform you of how many calendar events were processed and successfully uploaded. If any issues come about, this box will also notify you of the specific problem.


You should now have all your contacts and calendar events up in your Google cloud.

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