Mobile App and Teacher Assignments Page Launched for Google Classroom

by Denise Hazime on January 22, 2015

Six months ago, Google launched Classroom, a way for teachers to create and collect assignments without using paper. Since its launch, over 30 million assignments have been created with Classroom.

Google has rolled out some very big improvements to Classroom, including a central teacher assignments page, a mobile app that allows students to work on assignments on their smartphones, and the ability to archive classes. Teachers asked for better organization of assignments, and students now have the power to work on the go.

Just Launched: Google Classroom Mobile App

This is huge. Now, students can complete assignments from their mobile phones and snap pictures for assignments that will load right into their assignments page on both iOS and Android phones. To make the entire experience seamless, they can also share items from other apps. If they are drawing a graphic in one app, they can select "Share" to save it to their assignment page. See the video for more on how sharing from other apps to Google Classroom works.

The new app also offers offline caching so you can still see assignments when you don't have an Internet connection.

Due to Classroom's integration with other Google Apps, make sure you have the Google Docs, Drive and Slides apps installed on your phone while using Classroom.

New: Teacher Assignments Page

Teachers requested a central repository for their assignments across all classes, and Google has given it to them with the new teacher assignments page. Teachers can now launch the page and see how many students have completed assignments for each class, see which assignments they have reviewed, and launch the assignment directly from the page.

At this time, it is only accessible from a computer and hasn't yet been rolled out into the new app.

New: Archiving Classes

You can now archive classes so that you can still have access to all of the information, but it will remove the classes from the home page and not allow any changes to the assignments from those classes. This cleans up the home page so that you are no longer scrolling through old classes. And archiving isn't permanent - you can choose to restore the class if you need to.

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