Module Menu Page in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on March 22, 2012

Quickly navigate to a specific module in a categorized, list view module page.

Earlier this week I watched one of UpCurve Cloud’s engineers demo some of the projects he completed for a client. The client’s system was very sophisticated and it involved several custom modules, workflows, and integrations that were necessary for the company to run its business. With the customization came the addition of several custom modules. It became difficult for the client to navigate through the large drop down list of modules. Background: In a SugarCRM system, users can determine what modules (or tabs) they wish to display at the top of their  account.

Users can modify which modules appear by accessing the user settings menu. Under the Advanced tab in user settings, you can adjust how many modules (tabs) display at one time. The  maximum number of tabs that can display is ten


The remaining modules appear in a drop down button next to the tabs. When a user hovers over this arrow, an entire list of all of your modules display.

The Problem: For users that have dozens of custom modules, this list can be difficult and time consuming to sort through. The Solution: UpCurve Cloud built a module menu page which lists each module in the CRM system. It also categorizes them based on department or functional area in the business.

From this menu page, a user can directly access any module of choice by clicking on the module name. For more information on the module menu page, contact us today.

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