Multi-Location Appointment Scheduler in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on September 14, 2011

Search by Zipcode and Hours Open with the Advanced Appointment Scheduler.

For companies and retail shops with several locations, booking meetings in SugarCRM may not suffice. UpCurve Cloud enhanced the meetings module and built an appointment scheduler for a customer needing to book retail and fitting appointments in SugarCRM.

The appointment scheduler searches on stores within a 250 mile radius of the desired zipcode. Each store's hours are shown and the system restricts booking appointments if the store is closed for holidays or maintenance. To book an appointment for a customer, the sales associate enters the desired zipcode. The closest stores are then displayed and the sales associate can see what times are already booked, and which are available.


After selecting the most convenient store location, the sales associate can choose a time, date, and appointment type. The scheduler will show what times are available and will block times that are currently booked or if the store is closed.


After clicking the "confirm appointment and save" button, the appointment is displayed in the Activities subpanel of the customer's record in SugarCRM. After the appointment is over, the sales associate simply marks the appointment as closed. The appointment status then changes from "planned" to "held" and is moved to the record's History subpanel in SugarCRM.

The advanced appointment scheduler is an ideal solution for call center environments, retail stores, health centers, auto shops, salons, or any business booking appointments for services. To discuss how your company could use UpCurve Cloud's advanced appointment scheduler, contact us here.

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