Google recently released four great new resources that are designed to help businesses with their onboarding and training processes, giving new employees the low down on everything they need to know about working with G Suite. These new G Suite resources cover Google’s productivity suite in general and offer a handy starter's guide to Hangouts Meet, G Suite for power users, and G Suite Hack for power users.

The training resources are laid out in a logical way to help users progressively improve their G Suite skills and knowledge, helping new employees become power users in no time. Resources are a great way to get new additions to the team caught up on workplace tools and serve as a useful resource for existing staff members who need some brushing up.

The G Suite Welcome Center

In order for new employees to learn the ropes of their new productivity suite, they have to know what exactly it is and how it works. The G Suite Welcome Center offers up quick and easily digestible information about apps and tips on how to use them effectively. Quick links to G Suite apps will give them the scoop on what each tool can be used for, how to get started in each, and how to use it effectively through tips for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. The Welcome Center also gives new users an informative checklist that will help them become G Suite experts in no time.

The Hangouts Meet Starter Kit

Hangouts Meet is an invaluable tool for holding business meetings and conference calls, allowing your entire team to come together in a video call without any of the hassle involved in setting it up to perfectly accommodate everybody. The Hangouts Meet Starter Kit is designed to make adoption and transition to Hangouts Meet seamless for users of all experience levels, offering up a list of ten best practices, customizable email templates on how to adopt and use Hangouts Meet, and posters that can help increase awareness of the Hangouts Meet platform.

G Suite for Power Users

Once new users have been onboarded, they can learn the ins and outs of how to use G Suite as a power user, maximizing workplace productivity, and effectiveness. G Suite for Power Users is designed to help advanced users get the most out of G Suite, featuring videos on using the platform as an advanced user, transformation and developers solutions galleries, access to the Google Sheets Coursera course, and a guide on how to get G Suite certified.

G Suite Hack for Power Users

The best way for team members to learn new skills is to put them to the test. G Suite Hack for Power Users does exactly that, offering a fun and interactive way to learn the ins and outs of how to use G Suite as a power user. The challenges range in difficulty, getting harder as users progress through the hack. G Suite Hack isn’t just designed for new users - it’s a great way to teach existing G Suite users how to get the most out of the platform, keeping skills and knowledge of the platform up-to-date and well-rounded.

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