New Customization Options For Google Forms

by Koosha Araghi on September 2, 2014


Google Forms is an incredibly easy to use tool that lets you create forms and questionnaires to gather information. The clean and simple interface allows users of all skills levels to quickly create robust forms that include everything from text based answer to multiple choice drop down options. Forms will also automatically generate a hosted page for recipients to see and spreadsheet where answers are stored. One feature that many people have long requested is the ability to customize the theme and style. Previously, forms had a select group of preset themes that looked professional but didn't allow for an personal touch. To add a custom theme, simply select the change theme option:  


A side panel will open that will allow you to update the header image, modify theeme colors, add descriptions/help text, and much more.  


If you prefer to keep things simple and use an existing theme, you can still do so by scrolling through the default themes. Contact us today to find out more! 

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Koosha Araghi
Marketing Manager at UpCurve Cloud
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