New Email Security Settings Let You Lock Down Emails with Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on August 6, 2015

New Web Security Additions to Google

If your company handles sensitive information or simply wishes to avoid sending out embarrassing emails, Google has just added an update which allows admins to modify delivery of emails or even reject attachments based on various criteria, including filters for certain words or terms. The new updates give you three new choices as an administrator: Content Compliance, Objectionable Content and Attachment Compliance. Best of all, you can do this by department, so you can put more restrictions on, for example, your customer support department than you would for executives. All of the new settings are accessible from the admin console. Once in, go to Advanced Settings for Gmail, and select the organization for which you want to configure the setting. You must have administrator privileges to use the new features.

Content Compliance

New Features of Gmail

Content Compliance enables you to set up a search filter to scan incoming messages. If the messages meet your criteria, you can set them up to deliver to other recipients in your organization in addition to the original recipient or perform other actions based on the rules you set. You can also choose to have the message rejected. As an example case, if you have a legal team working on a particular case, you can set up a Content Compliance rule which looks for names referenced in the case and automatically forwards all emails to every member of the team working on the case, rather than just the intended recipient.

Objectionable Content

This may be the most useful of the new features for protecting company data. You can stop outbound emails with certain key phrases, such as product names that have not yet been released or launched. You can also filter out inbound emails with any phrases you choose, such as swear words or other references.

Attachment Compliance

This new setting lets you control inbound and outbound attachments by size, key phrases and file types. This will allow you to filter out attachments that may contain viruses, such as .exe files, from making it into your company Inbox. You can also conserve space used by your users by limiting attachments to a certain size. Before limiting file sizes and file types, you should send around an advisory email to your users so they know which file types are restricted and how large file attachment limits are for inbound and outgoing emails. If you do choose to restrict file sizes, you should create a policy for secure transmission of larger files, such as through Google Drive or a secure company DropBox account.

General Gmail Security Tips

For some excellent tips on how to change basic security settings in Gmail at the individual user level for both free and paid accounts, see the below video from Kaspersky.

If you want to implement the new features and you are already a UpCurve Cloud client, contact your representative for help. If you would like to set up Google Apps for Work in your organization and email security has been a concern, contact us to learn more about ensuring your email and file security with Google Apps for Work.

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