New Enhancements to Our FedEx Integration with SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on February 1, 2013

The last time I wrote about the FedEx integration project UpCurve Cloud did for a customer, FedEx started following @epicomcorp on Twitter. Now that FedEx and I are Twitter friends, I thought I’d give them an update on our recent enhancements to our FedEx integration with SugarCRM.

In the initial integration, our customer could ship products to clients and auto-calculate the shipment weight using Sugar’s product catalog. They could also create and print shipping labels, request pickup or delivery, and track the shipment in Sugar. In addition to the initial features, our customer can now format and auto-complete the recipient's address. The address in the Account record in your CRM system may not be complete or formatted correctly for shipping. Before printing the shipping label, FedEx will suggest an address to use, which might have more information in it than your original address (i.e. zip code, state, etc.).

The next step is to choose the shipment size and weight. This step is critical to determine the actual cost of shipment.

By using the address, box size, and shipping weight, the customer can now see the time and cost estimates for the different types of FedEx shipping services and choose which service they would like to use.

In the example, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express Saver are shown. The FedEx Express Saver is shown to be more expensive than ground because the time estimate on the ground is not guaranteed. This might have been missed when making the order if the comparison was not available directly in Sugar. Now that we have fully integrated FedEx shipping services with SugarCRM, our client can send products out more quickly. Also, customer support and account reps can easily see the status of a customer order directly inside of the CRM system. For more information about this project, contact us here

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