New Enterprise-Friendly Security Features for G Suite

by Denise Hazime on February 9, 2017


As more and more businesses adopt G Suite, Google is rolling out new security features that are squarely aimed at the large business category. G Suite admins can now force use of physical security keys, furnish their own certificates for email encryption, and more. While some of these measures can be used by smaller businesses, they are mostly aimed at enterprise business customers.  

Forced Use of Physical Security Keys

A physical security key usually plugs into a computer’s USB port to add an extra layer of protection for logging into sensitive company data. Stripe, a large US-based payment company, is already forcing use of physical security keys using G Suite. The new feature enables admins to require that a physical security key is used to log in to G Suite. At the very least, companies should consider forcing 2-step (or 2-factor) authentication to protect company data. Note that this feature is only available with G Suite Enterprise.  

Expansion of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Protection Past Email


Up until now, G Suite admins could implement scans for certain catch phrases on Gmail to stop or send an email for review if it contained specific words or phrases. For example, if Apple was launching a new device and needed to keep any rumours about it out of a tech blog, admins could scan for the device’s real or code name if the email was being sent outside of the internal company network. Now, Google is expanding this functionality to Google Drive, preventing files with key phrases from being shared with external sources.  

Use Own Certificates for Email Encryption

A company may have certain compliance requirements for email encryption, including having their own S/MIME encryption. Google now allows for use of a company’s own certificates with Gmail.  

Email Archiving With Third-Party Tools

While G Suite offers the ability to archive emails with Google Vault, some businesses prefer using third-party archiving services such as Veritas. New integration with some of these third-party archival tools gives businesses that option.

The new features are designed to make G Suite more enterprise-friendly. If you are interested in upgrading to G Suite Enterprise to get these features, contact UpCurve Cloud today.

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