New Feature: Use Hangouts to Present to Anyone on the Go

by Denise Hazime on August 19, 2015

No matter what your business model is, you probably have to give a presentation to multiple stakeholders in different locations – and you’re not always going to be in the office to give them from your computer.

Google has just given you the ability to show a presentation from any Android mobile phone or tablet in Hangouts, which empowers your business to merge the face-to-face personable nature of video conferencing with your presentation.

Why Use Hangouts for Business Meetings?

There is no substitute for an in-person meeting. However, videoconferencing is a close second. You can see facial expressions, see or be seen in high quality video, and just get a better feel for how your meeting guests are reacting to various cues that you just can’t get with a traditional phone conference. Plus, if some attendees are camera-shy, they can easily turn off their camera before they enter the videoconference.

But setting them up in the past has been cumbersome. Videoconferences have required equipment, specialized software, and much more. Google Hangouts removes all of these impediments by making videoconferencing accessible to everyone with Google Hangouts. You can invite up to 15 participants, including the host, to each meeting.

If you’re delivering a presentation, Hangouts adds even more value as you can work on the presentation in real time with your team before the call starts, go over last minute changes, and have multiple presenters without needing to hand over controls – the camera automatically jumps to whoever is talking.

Another fun fact – people in a videoconference are less likely to multitask away from your presentation, driving up engagement and ensuring that more eyeballs are on your presentation than if you were just to present with a screen sharing service.

How to Use Google Slides to Present in Hangouts

First, create your presentation in Google Slides or upload your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides. Then, make sure the Google Slides app is installed on your mobile Android device; this feature is not yet available for iOS. You’ll then have the option within the app menu to either present to a new video call or an existing one that is in your calendar – existing calls are automatically displayed for you. That’s it. No conference numbers, ensuring that people have the right PIN for the conference, and a seamless viewing experience for anyone on any device.

It’s important to note that while this functionality isn’t available yet to allow you to present on iOS devices, your guests with iOS devices will still be able to view the presentation.

Kick Your Presentation Up Even More with Zoho Showtime

If you really want to ensure engagement, feedback and participation, you can also use Zoho Showtime. Showtime also allows you to present from a mobile device (and bonus points for any mobile device – not just Android) and gives your audience the ability to score each slide, ask anonymous questions, and much more. More about Zoho Showtime here. If you want to learn more about Google Apps for Work, contact one of our consultants today to get started with the ultimate in productivity suites from one of the world’s most respected tech companies. We handle Zoho too!

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