New Google Apps Sign-In Page

by Koosha Araghi on January 21, 2014

Rollout of the new Google sign-in page originally announced last November finally begins today. The new page looks to address some potential security concerns by creating a single destination that users are forwarded to when attempting to log in to any of the Google Apps services such as Gmail, Calendars, or Drive.

  New Google sign-in page  

The new page will replace various sign-in pages and will no longer allow for customization of branding and color schemes. Regardless of the destination URL, attempts at logging into any of the Google Apps services will redirect users to the new sign-in page. The page also includes a menu that allows users to quickly log in to multiple accounts and switch between them seamlessly.

A few things to note for admins from the official changelog:

  • All links to your custom URL will still work. They'll simply redirect to the new page.
  • The Google Apps sign-in page can no longer be personalized with colors and custom logos.
  • In SSO-enabled domains with a network mask, users will see the new Google sign-in page when they log in from outside of the SSO network mask.
  • For SSO-enabled domains without a network mask, accessing the service specific sign-in URLs will continue to redirect the user to the configured SSO login page.

  The rollout process is expected to take approximately 4 weeks and should be complete by mid February.

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