Google has just launched a new Backup & Sync utility for Google Drive that makes backing up important files and photos on your computer simple. It replaces two tools - the Google Photos uploader and Google Drive for Mac/PC. The product has officially rolled out to all Google consumer accounts, but G Suite business clients may have to wait until the end of the year to get on board.

How Backup and Sync Works

First, download the app from Google here and install it. Then, customize your preferences as to what is backed up, when it is backed up, and more. It’s very simple, and you can only really run into trouble if you run out of space on Google Drive, in which case you have the option to upgrade.

G Suite Business Users: Drive File Stream Available Later This Year

Business users of G Suite will have to wait until Google makes its business-grade solution, Drive File Stream, available later this year. If you have an immediate need, you can sign up for the early adopter program, but keep in mind that the product will be in a beta stage and won’t necessarily be ready for business use yet if you do manage to get on board with the program.

Drive File Stream will allow for easier online and offline access to documents, making it faster and more efficient to work on them, while freeing up local server space. There is not yet any mention of what added costs are if any to G Suite users, although it's a safe bet there may be extra storage costs for G Suite users who aren’t currently paying for unlimited storage on Google Drive.

Admins can allow for Google Drive for Mac/PC to be installed on user computers, in which case individual users will be able to make use of the utility if they wish, but you may not want to do this as it could lead to a mishmash when Drive File Stream is available later this year.

Will Drive File Stream Kill Other Online Backup Programs?

Google has a history of offering fair, transparent pricing for its solutions, and there is every chance that you will be able to get rid of your current online backup solution in favour of Drive File Stream and put everything on one bill, if there is even an extra added cost. To prepare for this decision, ask your accounting department or person in charge of technology at your company to look into what your current charges are for online backup services.

If you are using an on-premise solution for computer backups because of a mistrust of cloud technology, consider this - you can get rid of that legacy equipment and its associated management costs because your data can now be housed in a much safer location; Google’s servers. If there is a fire, flood, theft or equipment failure, your on-premise stored data can be lost or easily fall into the wrong hands. Google has a robust and secure storage portfolio that will ensure that your business data is secure and safe.

If you want help being added to the Early Adopter Program for Drive File Stream, or have any other questions about G Suite, contact UpCurve Cloud today for more information.