Making life easier for your team members can greatly increase their productivity and efficiency, cutting time out of redundant processes and allowing them to focus instead on the tasks at hand. Google has regularly done this for users since the inception of G Suite, creating new tools, features, and handy shortcuts that increase productivity and make using their productivity suite a breeze.

Instantly create new G Suite files with the .new feature

G Suite has recently introduced the .new feature, which makes the creation of new files easier than ever before, cutting out the need for your team members to navigate to their toolbar or the G Suite landing page just to create a new file. Users can easily create new files in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites using the “.new” domain, which creates a brand new G Suite file in your browser. The shortcuts for creating new files are as follows:

  • Docs:,,
  • Sheets:,,
  • Slides:,
  • Forms:,
  • Sites:,,

This convenient trick has been made possible by Google’s registration of the “.new” generic top-level domain (gTLD). When users type in “.new” when looking to create a new file, the gTLD redirects them to the corresponding G Suite app. Though Google has recently introduced the “.new” domain, it’s unclear whether or not users of Google Domains will be able to register websites under this domain in the future. Until then, the .new feature makes the lives of you and your team a little easier, cutting out time-consuming processes.

The cloud-based productivity suite that brings your team together anytime, anywhere

Workplaces who remain reliant on using legacy software across their organization are missing out on the many productivity benefits offered by modern cloud-based solutions like G Suite. Google’s productivity suite encourages increased levels of collaboration and communication between your team members, allowing them to work, edit, comment, make suggestions, and communicate simultaneously within files, no matter where they’re working from or what device they’re using. This can create tighter bonds between employees, encouraging them to regularly collaborate together in order to solve problems and to achieve higher quality results. Using G Suite’s collaboration features can also increase workplace satisfaction among your entire team, bringing your team together in ways that legacy software just can’t.

Working within G Suite ensures that your workplace data is safe and secure in the cloud, putting the might of Google’s established security infrastructure in your hands, and giving your administrators the ability to identify potential security threats and eliminate them proactively. With G Suite’s Admin Console, your administrators can also give, rescind, or limit user permissions, ensuring that data does not accidentally fall into the wrong hands and that only users who have access will be able to see it and work within it. The ability to use G Suite from anywhere gives your employees the flexibility and freedom that they crave, allowing them to work more efficiently in whatever environment they prefer while at the same time keeping their data secure and alerting admins when incoming threats are detected.

Capture productivity and engagement data with Prodoscore

The most effective way to measure the productivity and engagement of your team members within workplace solutions like G Suite and cloud-based CRM solutions is through Prodoscore, which captures productivity data in real-time. This data is turned into “productivity scores” for each employee, giving you an idea of how productive each team member has been, as well as informing you about their usage of integrated workplace solutions. Prodoscore allows you to streamline processes when productivity bottlenecks exist, improve sales processes by identifying both high performing and at-risk employees, and identify major opportunities with regards to team strengths and weaknesses, letting you harness the full potential of your team.

To find out how UpCurve Cloud can transform your business by seamlessly implementing and integrating intelligent cloud-based productivity solutions like G Suite and Prodoscore, contact us today.