New Sugar Interface in 2018

by Katie Liesmann on November 30, 2017

Just yesterday, SugarCRM announced that in 2018 Sugar will get a new look and feel. In it's first online announcement about the new Sugar interface, it included screenshots of the new interface and information for developers. In this blog post, we summarize what you need to know.

When Sugar 7 came out a few years ago and introduced the sidecar framework it was a big style change from Sugar 6. Since then, SugarCRM has been observing user behavior and collecting feedback in order to introduce the next update to it's interface. All in all, SugarCRM had a goal of identifying 100 ways to improve it's product's usability.

The result is the new User Experience (UX) coming in the beginning of 2018 (the winter '18). The new Sugar interface will have three main improvements: a more simple UX, a more guided layout, and a more friendly look and feel. SugarCRM is working towards these improvements with three design principles in mind: clarity, consistency and efficiency. Some of the basic changes include adoption of the Open Sans font for the Sugar base font and a friendlier color palate which maintains and complements the Sugar brand colors.

Sugar Mobile has already been updated to the reflect the new interface. You can check it out if you want to see a preview, or you can look through the pictures of the browser interface below.

New record view interface in Sugar Winter ’18 Release

New dashboard interface in Sugar Winter ’18 Release

Comparison of old and new interface.

Color scheme and font for new interface.

This is just the first of many visual updates to come to Sugar in the next year. Sugar is releasing the changes over time so as to be the least disruptive as possible. We look forward to learning more about what's to come and sharing the updates with you. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here to make sure don't miss any product announcements.

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