This year’s Google Cloud Next saw many exciting new announcements, but the one we’re most eager to share with you is the arrival of the Work Safer initiative. Google’s Work Safer program offers businesses everything they need to allow hybrid employees to work safer and more efficiently than ever before, bringing together enterprise-level versions of Google’s famous cloud workplace apps with an advanced cloud-first security model that keeps your employee accounts safe and your data secure.

What’s included with Work Safer?

Google is touting the Work Safer program as the ultimate way for small businesses, enterprises, and public sector institutions to protect themselves from the threat of cyberattacks. The program begins with Google Workspace’s trusted line of integrated cloud-based tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and more. These collaboration and communication apps are used by businesses worldwide, making it easy for employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

From there, Work Safer promotes integrated threat and data protection through a 50% discount on BeyondCorp Enterprise, which offers a zero-trust security approach to keep company data safe from external threats. Admins and users alike can easily navigate BeyondCorp Enterprise without using an agent, ensuring that protecting data and providing secure access to apps is easy for your entire workforce.

Work Safer also includes 1 million free API calls for your company per month through reCAPTACHA Enterprise to protect your company’s website. reCAPTCHA is used by businesses everywhere to prevent web-based attacks and other abusive activities on your website, setting up a line of defense and forcing users to validate before entering your website. This ensures that accounts are kept secure, data cannot be scraped, and your website can’t be affected by bad actors. reCAPTCHA Enterprise can also be used to protect mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

Finally, Work Safer includes a 50% discount on Titan Security Keys, the ultimate way for users to protect their accounts and data through phishing-resistant two-factor authentication. Titan Security Keys are compatible with popular devices, browsers, and apps and feature tamper-resistant Google hardware chips to verify the key’s integrity. Work Safer will also include a special offer where businesses can get five free HP Chromebook Enterprise devices, a 50% discount on annual price of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for new Google Workspace Enterprise Plus licenses, and a special offer which allows businesses exclusive access to the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro for testing.

The benefits of Work Safer for businesses

In the wake of a devastating global pandemic that redefined the way we live and work, it’s clear that the hybrid work model is here to stay. Your employees deserve to feel safe and secure, working from a place where they’re comfortable, knowing that their data and accounts are secure and protected at all times. Work Safer is the best way for businesses to empower employees with advanced collaboration and communication tools that can increase productivity while always keeping data safe.

Worker Safer is a cloud-first approach that is constantly updated, requiring absolutely no native apps, local devices, or security add-ons, meaning no hassle and no extra hoops to jump through - just you, your employees, and your favorite workplace apps. Work Safer takes a zero-trust approach to security and applies it to every aspect of your organizational infrastructure, from employee collaboration and communication to business accounts and websites without the need for VPNs. Whether your employees are working from or what device they’re using, Work Safer goes the extra mile to keep them safe and enable them to work intelligently.

Looking to the future, any company interested in promoting a hybrid work model which allows employees to work from home or the office should strongly consider Google’s all-in-one Work Safer program. Doing so can future-proof your business by giving employees the tools to succeed and taking proactive measures to protect your business and its data from cyberattacks.

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