Google has released two seemingly minor updates to Gmail and Google Calendar which are major in terms of productivity. You can now attach an email to an email, and there are more expanded capabilities for Google Calendar invites, making arranging meetings much easier. 

Why would I want to attach an email to an email? 

Before the update, most of us would forward an email to another person when we wanted them to see it. Having the ability to attach an email to an email makes more sense, especially when there are multiple files attached to the email, or you want to forward multiple emails on a single topic. In the past, you could attach an email to an email by downloading it, but most would have only used the forward option. Google’s new update makes the entire process simple. 

How attaching emails to emails works 

Go to the 3-dot “More” option below the Gmail search bar. Click forward as attachment, select the emails you want, and send them. 

Updates to Calendar Invitations from Gmail

Gmail and Google Calendar operate together when it comes to meeting invites. But sometimes you want extra options when it comes to tailoring meeting invites. Google’s new update lets you propose new meeting times and add notes to invites from Gmail, rather than having to open up Google Calendar. Both features are accessed in the same way. 

Open your Google Calendar invite in Gmail and click on the new “More Options” dropdown menu. From there, you can propose a new time for the meeting and add notes to your response to the meeting. 

This saves having to send separate emails when you can’t make a meeting time or just want to add a quick note. For those of you who have days full of meetings, this is a game-changer. 

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