Our Top 5 Picks for Best Additions to G Suite in 2018

by Koosha Araghi on December 26, 2018

2018 has been a banner year for Google Cloud’s G Suite productivity solution, bringing with it a number of significant updates and upgrades that have greatly improved the overall experience of users. These additions have included everything from allowing for greater control over data security to improving Google’s AI platform. We’ve had the pleasure of chronicling many of these additions to G Suite throughout the year, with some of the standouts being worthy of some extra attention and end of the year praise.

1. G Suite introduces the Security Center

The most significant update to G Suite arrived early in the year in the form of the new Security Center, which has been a game-changer for users of G Suite Enterprise edition. The security center update allows users to better protect organizational data from falling into the wrong hands, giving admins an all-new security dashboard with insights relating to malware and phishing attacks, security effectiveness, and external file sharing. The security center lets admins take proactive actions against security threats through locking down accounts, deleting malicious emails, and providing security recommendations, minimizing the risks of user accounts becoming accidentally compromised.

2. Gmail on desktop gets Smart Compose

On top of security, G Suite added a number of features that help your employees work smarter and more efficiently, increasing workplace productivity and adding convenience to their workplace solutions. Desktop Gmail users finally gained access to the Smart Compose feature, which allows users to quickly compose emails based on AI-generated suggestions. The Smart Compose feature makes quickly replying to lower priority emails a breeze, and Google’s machine learning engine promises to bring more accurate and detailed reply suggestions to the platform in the near future.

3. Balance work and life with Google Calendar features

Google embraced the growing work-life balance movement in 2018, introducing features to Google Calendar that help users get the most out of their time away from the office. G Suite users can now take advantage of the “working hours” feature, which can be set by users or gleaned through machine learning, and blocks other users from scheduling meetings and other workplace events outside of these defined hours. Calendar users can also use the new “out of office” feature for things like appointments and emergencies, which informs other users that they are unavailable for events during these out of office hours.

4. Work Insights allows businesses to understand their digital transformation

The beta version of G Suite’s Work Insights feature was made available to Enterprise level users in 2018, giving admins access to in-depth analytics about how their team is using the platform. Work Insights provides data about how users are adopting commonly used G Suite apps, making it a perfect addition for businesses who have recently introduced G Suite into their workplace, or who are looking to measure collaboration and communication between team members within apps. Work Insights gives businesses an opportunity to ensure that their entire team is on the same page and that users who require additional training or attention can be addressed as early as possible, making it a great tool for any team working within the cloud-based productivity suite.

5. Google’s AI gets even smarter

Google has been working diligently to improve its already impressive AI and machine learning engine recently. This is improving the G Suite user experience and allowing businesses to get the most out of the solution. One of the most impressive machine learning capabilities introduced in 2018 was the Google Drive Priority feature, which allows users to instantly access high-priority Drive files and comments. 

Google AI identifies high priority action items along with suggested actions, putting an end to tedious manual searching and losing track of important files and comments. Another impressive AI addition in 2018 includes the ability to sort Drive files into custom workspaces without moving them from their original locations, which increases efficiency by cutting out file searching without altering file permissions.

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