On June 15th, UpCurve Cloud held a seminar at Google’s Irvine offices - Unifying Workflow with Google Cloud Machine Learning. The event brought together speakers from Google, Vonage, Prodoscore, and Salesforce to illustrate Google Machine Learning and how it applies to unifying workflow with all of these solutions and Prodoscore to provide transparency into what your team is doing every day.

Almost 100 people were in attendance for the event, with many representatives from technology companies in the southern California area. Our immediate event feedback from surveys was extremely positive, with most attendees taking away useful information for their businesses. Here is some of the feedback:

  • Almost 90% of attendees surveyed found the event VERY ORGANIZED
  • 68% of surveyed attendees said their KNOWLEDGE IMPROVED from attending the event
  • 88% of those surveyed said the event was BETTER THAN or ABOUT WHAT THEY EXPECTED
  • 74% found the information presented during the event to be QUITE USEFUL, where 32% of that, found the information presented EXTREMELY USEFUL

Attendees enjoyed learning about all of the solutions but were most intrigued by the presentations from the Vonage and Prodoscore speakers. Prodoscore is a new solution that assigns a productivity score to each employee based on their work in G Suite and other solutions, including Salesforce. It shows you what tasks each employee is doing, what they are talking about in email, and much more.

Our guests didn’t just go back to work with useful knowledge to improve their company’s workflow - everyone left with some Google swag and two lucky winners took home a Google Home device and a Chromebook.

Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, and organizers for making Unifying Workflow one of UpCurve Cloud’s most successful events to date!