Payment Scheduler in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on December 22, 2015

Imagine that you are a sales rep for a debt-collection agency who works with over 50 accounts. Now imagine that you are responsible to keep track of debt payments for all of your accounts: when their payments are due, how much their payment is, and what their remaining balance is. Do you think you could keep up without making any errors?

Maybe so--but it certainly wouldn’t be easy. This scenario isn’t make believe -one of our customers used to do just this. Their business model is based on taking regular payments from their Accounts (for example, $50/month) and then processing these payments using several different credit card processing systems (such as and The customer needed a way to automate this process to enable the sales reps to use their time more efficiently.

Our engineering team designed a custom Payment Scheduler for them that allows sales reps to schedule payments and view the payments in a timeline layout.  This is powered by an integration into 15 different merchant processors on the back end that will process the credit card payments on the scheduled date without a rep manually entering in credit card data each time.


When a rep creates a new Account they enter data into custom fields that include credit card number, payment amount, payment processor, and payment recurrence. The Payment Scheduler then uses those fields to create the payment timeline and also to schedule the payments to occur automatically.

Each rectangle in the payment schedule represents an upcoming payment. These are color-coded, with yellow representing payments that have been edited, red representing payments that have been canceled, and green representing payments that are scheduled. By clicking on each rectangle, the rep can edit the payment amount or due date.


Sales reps can add individual payments using the plus sign on the right side of the screen.

This customization could work for any organization that accepts payments from their customers on a regular basis. Examples include another organization which accepts debt payments, any subscription-based service, or a customer who is paying rent to you.

If you have questions about this custom schedule view or the merchant processor integrations, reach out to us here.

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