POPSugar Saves $110,000 Annually by Moving to Google Apps for Work

by Denise Hazime on December 10, 2015

While Google has done its own studies on how much businesses can save by switching to Google Apps for Work from Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office, POPSugar, a company known for being both a media site and an industry leader in digital commerce platforms, recently said that it saved $110,000 per year by switching to Google Apps for Work. POPSugar is a large corporation, with enterprise requirements for its software solutions.

Move Started with Company Department Using Google Apps

The Los Angeles contingent of the company started using Google Apps for Work on its own, as its employees needed to edit, comment on and produce documents in real time. After viewing this boost to productivity and efficiency, POPSugar founders Brian and Lisa Sugar insisted on moving the whole company to Google Apps.

The task fell to the company’s IT Director, Bjorn Pave, to manage the transition. He insisted on testing Google Apps for Work against Microsoft, as cancelling the contract with Microsoft involved financial penalties. What they found was staggering - not only was Google Apps for Work more efficient, but the cost was about $30,000 per year as opposed to around $100,00 per year for Microsoft. The extra savings of around $40,000 were realized in extras, such as the ability to use Google Hangouts instead of costly enterprise videoconferencing solutions.

POPSugar also reports saving on upgrade costs - with Google Apps for Work, there is no need to purchase an upgraded version of anything; all upgrades to Google Apps are implemented automatically in the cloud.

Google’s Own Return On Investment (ROI) Study

Earlier in 2015, Google commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a study on how much a theoretical enterprise-scale business could save by making the switch to Google Apps for work. Results of the study can be found here. Some of the numbers are impressive, including a 304% return on investment. But a real-life example of the actual ROI from POPSugar is far more impressive than a study commissioned by Google. However, the following infographic does help to illustrate exactly where a company can expect to save money and improve its business processes with Google Apps for Work.

Hidden Benefits of Switching to Google Apps for Work

One of the main benefits of making the switch to Google Apps for Work is that once you are in the Google ecosystem, you have easier access to Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google+ pages and other tools that can help drive your online business. Where before you would have had to log into each of these services, now employees who should have access to them can just click on them and get access. This integrates your business more seamlessly with your online activities and makes them simpler to manage.

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