Up Your Presentation Game with Google Slides

by Denise Hazime on December 1, 2016


We have already written about how Google Slides is better than PowerPoint for presentations. Since then, Google has upped its game further through the introduction of a vast template library in Google Slides, which remedied one of the few complaints about the service. It has also added custom template support which allows you to save presentations as templates, making presentation creation even easier.

Cleaner Interface Makes Presentation Creation Simple

PowerPoint users are familiar with endless options and menus, very few of which are actually used in presentation creation. Slides pares all of this back to the basics, which puts the focus on simplicity and graphics-driven presentations. It’s simple to embed YouTube videos, animations and more. PowerPoint almost drives you into creating heavy text-based presentations, which are never engaging for users. Google Slides does the opposite. Google Slides also lets you select royalty-free images for commercial use from within the app, saving wasted time trying to find something decent online if you were to use PowerPoint. As PowerPoint users know, the more videos, graphics and animations you cram into a presentation, the more likely it is to crash and suffer from file bloat. Since Google Slides is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about these issues at all - and you can set up Google Drive so you can always access the latest version offline. But don’t take it from us; Google shows you how to harness the power of templates to create a presentation at lightning speed.

PowerPoint Files are Easy to Import and Work With

Your company may already have presentations created in PowerPoint. You can import these easily into Google Slides, modify them, and save them as templates for anyone in your company to use. This is much more workable than emailing files back and forth, especially when dealing with large file sizes.

Collaboration Is King on Google Slides

When emailing PowerPoint presentations back and forth, it’s easy to use the wrong version before edits were done by a stakeholder. With Google Slides, that is never an issue as all of the revisions are made online. If you want to see the entire revision history, just click the “last edit was X minutes ago” grey link on the menu and you’ll see who changed what and when.

Presentations Are Simple and Can Be Shared Online

No need to email participants your PowerPoint file after the presentation or a PDF - you can share the link to the presentation and everyone can have access to it instantly, even during your presentation. You can even download an app to turn your smartphone into a presentation remote that times you. If you’ve been a PowerPoint user for most of your life, give Google Slides a try to see how much it can change your life and make putting presentations together easier.

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