Reap the Benefits of a Unified Workflow with Google for Work

by Denise Hazime on September 15, 2016

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It seems like every business, small and large, is reaping the benefits of unified workflow, including employee productivity, ROI maximization, and improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) reporting. But let’s put aside all those buzz words—how would unified workflow for your business really work? Is it worth all the effort? Yes. And here’s why:   Integrating communications and software in your business gives your employees - and you- access to every piece of information they need, anywhere they happen to be. Think about it - accessing all customer emails from inside your CRM, being able to open a customer record in Salesforce from Gmail, logging all calls with a client automatically and being able to recall them with Salesforce - a unified workflow just makes everything easier, better and faster. A combination of Google for Work, Vonage Business, Cirrus Insight and Salesforce can create that unified workflow that can make your business soar.  

Start with Google for Work for Better Collaboration and Email Handling

Google for Work has many features for the enterprise-level business, including easy user administration, secure and compliant email and file security, and Google Apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides that are easier to use than their counterparts. But where Google for Work really shines is collaboration - multiple stakeholders can collaborate in real time on a spreadsheet, presentation, or document without any changes being lost or missed. And it also integrates easily into the rest of your business for a unified workflow.  

Really? Integrate All Software & Communications? How?

Vonage Business connects all phone communications with the rest of your business. By integrating Vonage Business with Salesforce or any other CRM, you can run detailed reports, keep track of calls, and automatically let your coworkers know when you’re busy on a call. Gain visibility and efficiency by linking detailed data about your inbound and outbound calls with the information in the rest of your business applications - including your email and all other Google Apps in the Google for Work suite.  

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Why You’ll Like Salesforce/CRM Integration with Vonage Business:

  • Avoid time-wasting misdials with a simple Click-to-Dial service
  • Relax as inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged and recorded for you
  • Save seconds in each customer interaction with screen pops that instantly display contact records for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Create multiple softphone layouts for each individual team’s customized needs
  • Work from any browser and enjoy continuity across any device
  • Instantly access call recordings directly from the call log upon call completion
  • Take call notes easily while the call is still active
  • Enjoy integrated reporting and call history

Vonage Business + Google Apps for Work=Simplify, Integrate, Unify Your Workflow

Vonage Connect for Google Apps has everything you need to simplify your business operations, integrate your phone service with Google for Work, and unify your workflow and communications all in one place. Get amazing features like:

  • Screen pops for incoming and outgoing calls on your phone or desktop
  • Click-to-Dial for easy access to contacts from your browser or any Google App
  • Call logging and detailed reporting
  • Google Contacts sync
  • Automatic call history
  • Google Talk and Google Hangouts
  • Presence for letting your coworkers know when you’re available
  • Gmail call labeling
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Continuity across multiple devices, including iPhone and Android


OK. So That’s My Phone System Taken Care Of. How About Email?

Now that we have your phone talking to Salesforce and Google for Work, it’s time to connect Salesforce to Gmail. Cirrus Insight acts as a bridge between the two, allowing you to access Salesforce records from Gmail and your email from Salesforce. Send powerful email campaigns, schedule emails to send later, and track sent emails and links to see if a client has opened them. Cirrus Insight gives you full transparency in Salesforce as to what is happening with your email, and extends Gmail’s capabilities significantly.  

Cirrus Insight for Gmail

Where UpCurve Cloud Fits In - UpCurve Cloud Ties it All Together

UpCurve Cloud can make any software in your business talk to any other software - and we are experts in Vonage Business, Salesforce, Cirrus Insight and Google for Work, as well as any other software or communications integrations your organization requires. Give us a call or email us today to find out how we can help you unify not just your communications, but your entire business.

Start a Google G Suite Trial

With your Google G Suite account, you’ll have access to email, video conferences, online storage, and other business tools. With UpCurve Cloud you get personalized and prompt service from a Google certified sales engineer, during your 2 week trial at no additional cost.

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