How Remote Workers Can Make Your Company More Successful

by Denise Hazime on January 12, 2017

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Having remote employees work part-time or entirely out of their home offices cannot only boost morale, but the bottom line of your organization. While the benefits in employee work/life balance and retention are obvious, the increased productivity of remote workers should grab your attention most of all. Contrary to popular belief, you get more work - not less - out of an employee when you let them work from home.

Working in an Office Offers More Distractions Than Working at Home

Everyone has a similar story to this - Beth sits down at her cubicle ready to start her day. Then, a co-worker drops by to have a chat, and she doesn’t want to shut him down because she doesn’t want to appear rude or standoffish. She reopens her work and gets ready to start her task - then the co-worker next to her cubicle starts having a very loud conversation with a client that distracts her. While conventional wisdom is that home offers more distractions, the more people you take out of the equation, the less distracted your employees are. If an employee thinks they will be too distracted at home to work, they will tell you - family members are more likely to respect “work time” than co-workers in an office.  

How Productivity Improves When Working From Home

In this survey, 91% of workers felt they were more productive when working from home. A more extensive Harris/Decima poll in Canada put the number of employees who thought they were just as or more productive at home at 89% - still a high number.

Canadian Telecommunications Company Has Long-Term Gains With Remote Work

TELUS is a major Canadian telecommunications company - the Canadian equivalent of Verizon or AT&T. In addition to its mobile and business phone services, TELUS provides multiple technology solutions to consumers and businesses. TELUS was an early adopter of remote work through its Work Styles program established in 2006, and has saved significant capital on real estate and energy - an estimate on energy savings alone is that it saves the equivalent of powering 700 Canadian homes per year. Ten years on, the company still uses remote workers extensively and successfully.

In a blog covering its Work Styles program, TELUS sings the praises of Work Styles for attracting top talent, while cautioning other businesses that communication and ensuring deliverables are met are key in a remote work program.

While TELUS is a success story at the enterprise level, there is no reason why a small or medium-sized business can’t realize the same success with a remote work program; decreased operations costs, decreased energy costs, and more engaged and productive employees.  

Ensuring Deliverables Are Met with Prodoscore

Making sure things get done is the thing that makes managers most nervous about adopting a remote work program, despite all the benefits to both employees and the business. Prodoscore was created to allow managers to unobtrusively monitor the amount of work an employee does from home by monitoring the amount of time and tasks completed in G Suite.

Voice Ignite is an UpCurve Cloud customer. It is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and consultant with staff all over the world, based in Silicon Valley. The owner, Raj, had this to say about Prodoscore.

“Prodoscore has been an effective tool, giving me visibility to see what my remote staff are doing throughout the day. Prodoscore’s integration with G Suite made the installation and deployment of the application simple & clean. I get a daily email with a score for my staff based on productivity, allowing me a quick view into their effectiveness."

This allows me to solely focus on problem areas. One day, there was a big drop in performance for one of my employees. Once I saw the notification, I reached out to John and found out that he was dealing with a power outage, which quickly resolved the situation.” Prodoscore is non-invasive and your employees won’t even know that they are being monitored in many cases, unless you decide to tell them. Other work-tracking methods involve taking screenshots of an employee’s computer and other invasive measures, and can easily be “gamed” by tech-savvy employees. Prodoscore’s non-invasive monitoring of time spent and tasks performed in certain G Suite applications, including Gmail, gives you the transparency you need into their activities and an actual score you can use for employee reviews if desired.

If you want more information about Prodoscore and G Suite, contact UpCurve Cloud today to learn more.

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