Run Your Business From a Smartphone with Zoho CRM, Google Apps for Work and Vonage Business

by Denise Hazime on December 17, 2015

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For the last 20 years, work has looked something like this on the road: try to find a space that has public wifi, and hammer out responses to emails, edit presentations, and do anything else you need to do either in between, before or after your meetings on your laptop. In more recent years, you could use your personal data hotspot to overcome a lack of public wifi, but that hasn’t been much of an improvement. If you’re in a strange town, trying to find a spot to set up your mobile office can be challenging when you are starved for time.

Many mobile employees have started using their smartphones to do the tasks they once did with laptops. But the problem with this is when your entire organization is dealing with legacy software not suited to mobile use, they’re back to the old laptop routine. Luckily, there’s a way to optimize your business for mobile, and make your business more efficient and future-friendly overall. The secret sauce is putting together business systems that integrate and talk to each other, all while working seamlessly with mobile. You can do it with Google Apps for Work, Zoho, and Vonage.

Google Apps for Work for Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets

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Media company POPSugar recently transitioned from Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Work, saving itself over $100K per year in the process. But the initial move wasn’t costdriven; it was performance driven. Employees wanted the realtime editing access they had with Google Docs, and after doing testing they found a number of other collaboration features that would enhance their business sitewide.

Yes, you can load up Microsoft Office apps on a smartphone and work on Microsoft documents, but you don’t get the collaborative features and an experience truly optimized for mobile as you get with Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides. Presentations can be worked on in real time and broadcast directly from a smartphone. A client contract can be modified from the road with the client receiving instant access, rather than having to attach it to an email and risk losing it to a virus scanner. Plus, Google is continually refining its apps for mobile, including launching app streaming, which allows a user to use an app without even downloading and installing it on their phone.

In addition, Google Apps for Education is used widely in high schools and universities, ensuring that new hires come pretrained on your business systems.

Zoho for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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If your business has a number of clients and opportunities on the go at once, you have a need for customer relationship management (CRM). Zoho CRM allows you to instantly capture customer interactions on the road, instead of trying to store everything in your brain and tap it out when you find a cafe. Zoho CRM can be programmed to automatically perform certain actions as well, so if you enter a client as a new record, they can automatically be emailed a welcome package, be introduced to their support team, and anything else you want to do with them. All from your mobile phone.

Plus, Zoho works seamlessly with Google Apps for Work, so all of your email from a particular client can be accessed from within Zoho CRM, without having to flip open Inbox or the Gmail app. Contracts can be called up from within Zoho CRM instead of having to hunt for them in your email or on Google Drive. Having everything in one place is immensely helpful while you’re on the road.

Vonage Business for Your Calls

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Vonage Business is several tiers above the Vonage home service that you may have experienced or heard about. Call quality is impeccable and it truly unifies all of your business communications. Vonage Business can be integrated with both Google Apps for Work and Zoho CRM, so you can log all calls to a client, launch a phone call using Vonage Business instead of voice minutes from your mobile phone, and much more.

If you choose not to use Zoho, you can still access call reporting from Vonage Business, which can give management oversight of calls without sales reps needing to take the extra step of having to manually log calls. And if you do choose to get Zoho, all of that information is accessible from within your client records. You can hand off a client call from your mobile phone to your desk phone, get missed call notifications on both your smartphone and your office computer, and much more. The only thing you need to use Vonage Business on the road instead of voice minutes is a robust data plan keeping your mobility bill costs low and predictable.

To summarize, you can use Google Apps for Work to do all of your work on a smartphone, Zoho CRM to easily capture client interactions on the road, and Vonage Business to make and log all of your calls all while getting rid of laptops and legacy systems that are likely costing your organization too much and that don’t talk to each other like these three solutions can.

If you’re interested in these systems together or on their own, contact UpCurve Cloud today and we’ll get you started.

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