One of the key ways to see your sales team become a high-performing machine is by increasing the amount of trust you have in your employees. This is done by using full top down transparency, meaning that transparency begins with senior management, and is adopted by all levels of the organization. By employing Prodoscore’s unique productivity measuring platform to increase transparency and accountability across the board, you can be sure that your sales team will be more effective than ever before.

Set Realistic Organizational Goals

Before you can work on increasing transparency and overall productivity in your sales team, it’s important to first take a step back and identify where you currently are in regards to meeting your goals, and where you need to be. Setting realistic and well-defined organizational goals helps your entire sales team have some context of where they currently are as salespeople, and where they need to be in order to benefit the organization. Once developed, Prodoscore takes your team’s unique goals and measures employee performance against these defined goals, allowing you to track them every step of the way.

After setting goals, you can now you can work on increasing transparency within your team. Full transparency gives the entire team - from upper management to entry level positions - insight into how the organization and each of its members is performing in a variety of ways. Knowing how to help the team reach a goal gives employees incentive to work towards something, and knowing how others around them are performing gives perspective in regards to time limits, sales levels, and time spent following leads.

Prodoscore can help to visualize these insights, breaking down each team member’s sales volume, time spent on sales calls, number of calls made, number of emails sent and individual goals of team members. It does it by analyzing all tasks performed in G Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar) and your CRM solution. Essentially, you can monitor most tasks associated with a sales position, with the exception of exactly what they are doing in client meetings and phone calls - and the scheduling of these can even be tracked through Google Calendar.

Increase Adoption of CRM and Other Tools

You may have a software solution that people just aren’t using as much as you would like. Prodoscore gamifies the adoption of your preferred solutions by improving your team’s Prodoscores when they use the tools you want them to use. This will increase your CRM adoption, which will improve your overall organizational efficiency. And it's not just about your CRM - your few Outlook stragglers who haven’t switched to Gmail will have an added incentive to move to Gmail, Word diehards will switch to Google Docs, and so on.

Identify Problems - and Wins - in Real Time

Managing a sales team is a challenging feat, made more difficult by constantly striving to meet organizational goals, identifying next steps, knowing what’s coming down the pipeline, and acting as a leader and coach to your team. With all of these tasks in mind, Prodoscore can help sales team managers identify areas of the team that may require refining in order to make individual team members more productive. With all sales activities conducted in G Suite being tracked by Prodoscore, individual scores are generated for each team member based on the team’s goals. This helps team management by visualizing areas of the team that require more attention, and can identify potential bottlenecks that may arise based on team productivity.

By identifying weak areas and eliminating potential bottlenecks, sales team management will be able to incentivize team members using transparency in order to increase their overall productivity and satisfaction.

Prodoscore’s visualized productivity scores and easily understandable data can be used to create motivation and a sense of urgency in your team, adding a sense of friendly competition that can increase productivity. This also makes coaching your team easier, as it allows you to give informed feedback, develop strategies and interact openly and freely with team members. It’s your job as a mentor to help each member be more successful at what they do, and having access to hard data makes this easier than ever before.

Identify Your MVPs for Specific Tasks and Clients

Prodoscore gives insight into who your most valuable team members are, and what their strongest skills happen to be. Using this data will help you to identify which members of your team should be focusing their attention on specific tasks. Certain members of the team will be more effective in client communication and relationship building, while others may be more geared towards gathering and identifying leads, cold calling, or managing current accounts. You’ll also be able to see which team member works better with specific clients; if, for example, someone does very well with clients in the healthcare sector, and another salesperson does better with clients from the tech sector, you’ll be able to strategically deploy your leads to play to your team’s strengths.

A transparent workplace will see each member better understanding their role in the team and the roles played by those around them. This will allow you to give tasks to the team members that are best suited to perform those tasks well, and coach your team on areas where they need improvement on a case-by-case basis.

Once you have a better idea as to how each member of your sales team is performing and how close your team is to accomplishing the goals that they have set, you will be able to make informed decisions that will benefit the entire team and will improve their overall performance. Prodoscore helps to increase workplace transparency through easy to digest data and visuals that will make you the most effective team manager possible.

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